1960 Crane City Directory
Surnames, F

Fa Leon Beauty Center 117 N. Gaston St. Leona Rogers, Owner
Farley, John E. 1206 S. Elizabeth St. Humble Oil
Fausnacht, W. H. E. 9th St. and Dorothea St. The Grill
Featherstone, Mae 601 22nd St. - Box 894 Crane Schools
Fender, Roy 2208 Kelton St. Evans Foodway Store
Fenner, Gene 414 1/2 S. Mary St.(trailer) Mobil
Fielder, John S. 200 23rd St. - Box 1082 Retired
Fields, Fred 812 W. 7th St. Gulf
Fina Service Station 120 S. Gaston St. B. D. Sheppard, Mgr.
Finch, Loyd R. 501 W. 10th St. City Water Dept.
Firebaugh's SW Equip.
& Serv.
222 N. Gaston St. Frank Firebaugh, Mgr.
First Baptist Church 300 S. Sue St. - Box 758 Rev. H. F. Dearing
First Christian Church 1301 S. Gaston St.- Box 936 Norman G. Antle
First Presbyterian Church 810 S. Virginia St. Archie Owen, McCamey
First State Bank 710 S. Gaston St. A. L. Hood, Pres.
Fisher, Joe B. 101 N. Vivian St. Mobil Oil Co.
Fisher, Mrs. Viola 302 S. Dorothea St.  
Fleming, John 701 21st St. Humble
Fletcher, Robert E. 302 22nd St. - Box 547 Gulf Oil
Florence, Lee 713 S. Gaston St. Gen. Del. Retired
Florence, Lee, Jr. 713 S. Gaston St. Gen. Del. Mobil
Florence, Lee E., Jr. 1205 S. Dorothea St. Mobil
Flores, Leo 105 S. Sue St. A. P. Kasch & Sons
Flores, M. P. 415 S. Gaston St.  
Floyd, Bob 403 21st St. Gulf Pipeline
Floyd, Dan 401 20th St. Texas Mex.
Fluitt, Bob 113 E. 11th St.  
Flynn, L. A. 507 Dorothea St. First Baptist Church
Follis, Garl 407 20th St. - Box 1224 Crane Auto Supply
Ford, Murry D. 604 E. 20th St. Crane Schools
Ford, Roosevelt 203 Gloria Crane Motor Co.
Foreman, Kenneth 207 West 8th St. B. & H. Electric
Foster, J. P. 601 24th St. Retired
Foster, James A. 1205 S. Elizabeth St. Atlantic
Fowler, A. R. 912 S. Elizabeth St. U. S. Fish & Wildlife
Fowler, Therman 708 S. Katherine St. Kennedy Trucking Co.
Fox, A. E. 206 W. 4th St. Pumper
Foyil, O. K. 315 S. Sue St. Gulf
Frailey, Hol W. 1205 S. McElroy St. Gulf
Frailey, Richard W. 1205 S. McElroy St. Unemployed
Fraker, L. B. 1001 S. Sue St. Stell Motor Co.
Franklin, Loyd 206 S. Virginia St. Gibbins
Frasier, Howard E. 104 S. Virginia St. - Box 204 Magnolia
Frazee, Mrs. Nell R. 1000 S. Sue St.  
Freeman, Alice 614 S. Adams Rd.  
Freeman, L. F. 714 S. Vivian St. - Box 1275 Crane County
French, James Lee 506 E. 20th St. Mobil
Frost Hotel & Motel 211 S. Gaston St. E. M. Frost, Owner
Fry, H. 901 S. McElroy St.  

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