1960 Crane City Directory
Surnames, G

Gaddy, Henry H. 409 S. Vivian St. Townsend Steamers
Gaines, C. D. 617 20th St. White Auto Store
Gaines, O. D. 121 Lena Drive Warren Petroleum
Gallaway, Lady Faye 716 S. Mary St. - Box 793 Self
Gallion, Edwin 505 23rd St. - Box 446 Gulf Oil Corp.
Gann, Price 816 S. Dorothea St. - Box 637 Rancher (Self employed)
Garcia, Isidro 1020 S. Vivian St., Gen. Del. Highway Department
Gardner, J. W. 610 S. Virginia St. Gulf
Garner, E. Harold 704 S. Virginia St. Shell Pipeline
Garner's Drive-Inn Cafe 300 N. Gaston St. D. C. Garner, Owner
Garrett, Cicero L. 404 22nd St. - Box 1083 Self (Real Estate, Ins.)
Garrett Real Estate
& Insurance Company
121 N. Gaston St. C. L. Garrett, Agent
Garrett, Truman 102 S. Virginia St. Bank
Garrett, T. V. 609 22nd St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Gay, Charles 1311 S. Mary St. E. B. Clark Drilling Co.
Gibbins, J. P. 609 W. 3rd St. Field Supt., H. G. Cree
Gibson, Cecil 1113 S. Virginia St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Gibson, Mrs. Geraldine 415 S. Sue St. - Box 445  
Gibson, Mrs. Ruby Mae 305 E. 6th St. - Box 1492 The Grill
Gilbert, F. C. 500 23rd St. Tidewater
Gilbert, Roy D. 206 W. 1st St. Crane Body Works
Gilstrap, C. H. 1200 S. McElroy St. Gulf
Glass, Irl 1002 S. Elizabeth St. Gulf
Glass, Mrs. W. L. 1002 S. Elizabeth St.  
Glenn, J. H. 309 W. 10th St. Tidewater Oil Co.
Gober, A. M. 901 S. McElroy St.  
Gober, E. J. 702 21st St. - Box 1103 Signal Oil & Gas Co.
Goble, J. L. 605 21st St. Humble
Godwin, William 615 W. 10th St. - Box 454 Crane Well Service
Gonzales, Estaban 202 W. 8th St. Mr. R. R. Kennedy
Gooch, W. D. 608 W. 6th St. Self
Goodall, Marion 710 S. McElroy St. Sheriff's Office
Goodnight, L. E. 110 West 3rd St. Cone Jewelers
Gothard, Jack D. 719 S. Mary St.  
Grace's Cafe 312 S. Gaston St. Nita Hunter, Owner
Graham, Eudene 401 23rd St. Atlantic
Graham, Robert Lee 107 E. Second St. Rocket Service
Graves, Booker 201 N. Katherine St. School (Bethune)
Gray, Mrs. F. T. 710 S. Virginia St. - Box 641 Stroder
Gray, Harold C. 500 W. 15th St. Federal Post Office
Green, Annas 1111 S. Dorothea St. Crane Memorial Hosp.
Green, Charley 703 W. 7th St. - Box 842 Crane Wells
Green, Corrine 315 S. McElroy St. - Box 524  
Green, Gerald 218 Adams Rd. - Box 373 Crane County
Green, Gerald Paul 1207 S. McElroy St. School Maintenance
Green, James 200 20th St. Texas - New Mexico
Green, John H., Sr. 102 S. McElroy St. - Box 524 Texas - New Mexico
Green, Marshall 300 S. Virginia St. Crane Well Service
Green, Mrs. Sarah 300 S. Virginia St.  
Greenlee, D. W. 104 S. Vivian St. Tex. - New Mex. Pipeline
Gregg, Forrest 807 S. Gaston St. Apt. 4 J. Cleo Thompson
Gregg, W. H. 501 W. 3rd St. B. J. Service
Gregory, W. L. 705 24th St. - Box 353 Gulf Oil Corp.
Gressett, Burley Gale 1006 S. Mary St. - Box 1235 Halliburton Oil Well Co.
Griffin, Cecil D. 1100 S. Katherine St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Griffin, Johnny 205 S. Katherine St. J. Cleo Thompson
Griffin, Pinckney B. 402 23rd St. - Box 1246 Humble Pipeline
Griffin, Tommy 210 S. Katherine St. J. Cleo Thompson
The Grill 418 S. Gaston St. L. H. Coon, Owner
Grimes, Neil 915 S. Dorothea St. Gulf
Grimes, R. C. 702 22nd St. - Box 392 Retired
Grisham, R. E. 1000 S. Katherine St. Kennedy Trucking
Grissom, C. Glen 210 W. 4th St. Well Service
Grissom, J. C. 214 W. 23rd St. Gulf
Grounds, George L. 130 Lena Drive Crane Schools
Guest, Pruitt 205 9th St. B. B. Smith
Guinn, Benton 102 S. Sue St. Warren Gasoline Plant
Gurley, M. A. 1106 S. Mary St. Atlantic Refining Co.
Guyton, James C., Jr. 1102 S. Elizabeth St. Humble Oil Refining

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