1960 Crane City Directory
Surnames, H

Haas, Eugene W. 300 20th St. Gulf Refining
Hafley, L. D. (Shorty) 409 W. 4th St. Crane Wells
Hagle, J. H. 106 S. Alford St. Airport Sand & Gravel
Hagler, Vernon 1109 S. Dorothea St. Gulf
Halbrooks, Sam 703 S. McElroy St. Carter Chevrolet
Hall, Elroy 203 N. Katherine St. School (Bethune)
Hamblett, Roger W. 301 23rd St. - Box 545 Gulf Oil Corporation
Hamilton, L. R. 415 W. 6th St. Atlantic Refining Co.
Hamilton, Tyra L. 819 S. Elizabeth St. - Box 461 Monterey Oil Co.
Hamm, L. P. 108 W. 3rd St. Johnny's Grocery
Handy Spot Drive Inn 401 S. Alford St. R. F. Dixon, Owner
Hanks, Mrs. Clara 608 W. Third St.  
Hanley, Mrs. W. B. 1128 S. Katherine St.  
Hannon, William F. 611 West 7th St. - Box 833 Crane Schools
Hanson, Vernon 100 E. 12th St. Kewannee Oil Company
Hardesty, Van 704 21st St. Student
Hardesty, Wendell 1009 S. Elizabeth St. Atlantic Ref. Co.
Hardin, Mrs. Jo 415 West 7th St. Corner Drug
Hardin, O. O. 1212 S. Sue St. Texas Elec. Serv. Co.
Hardy, Pete 407 S. Dorothea St. Bradshaw Drilling Co.
Harmon, G. A. 201 S. Vivian St. Mobil Oil
Harmon, Alma 810 W. Second St. Grace's Cafe
Harned, S. C. 921 S. Vivian St. W. W. Allman
Harrelson, Fred 1821 S. McElroy St. El Paso Gas
Harris, C. E. 500 S. Sue St. - Box 966 Western Oil Transport
Harris, Hubert 202 S. Sue St. Gen. Del. U. S. Post Office
Harris, Leon 709 S. Adams Rd. N. A. P. C.
Harris, Melvin 212 W. 12th St. - Box 1181 B. B. Smith Drilling Co.
Harris, Verl 1020 S. Vivian St. Trailer Crt. B. B. Smith Drilling Co.
Harrison, James P. 707 S. Katherine St.- Box 996 Crane Schools
Harrold, Kenneth J. 104 S. Sue St. - Box 521 Gulf Oil Corp.
Hart, Roy B. 1210 S. Mary St. Well Serv. Co. of Crane
Hart, Mrs. Tiny 420 S. Sue St.  
Haswell, A. W. 600 S. Gaston St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Haught, Bill F. 704 22nd St. - Box 311 Tex. - New Mex.
Haught, T. W. 106 Lena Drive Retired
Havens, Solas Loyd 1308 S. Dorothea St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Hawkins, Lewis 110 S. Elizabeth St. Crane Lmb. & Hdwe.
Hayes, J. T. 108 W. 9th St. - Box 442 Gulf Oil Corp.
Hayes, Kennard 108 S. Alford St. Atlantic Ref. Co.
Hayhurt, W. A. 1109 S. Sue St. - Gen. Del. Markham Drilling Co.
Haymie, Travis L. 322 S. Mary St., Apt. 2F Rocket Service
Hazel's Beauty Shop 706 S. Adams Rd. - Box 1344 Hazel Wortman, Owner
Hazle, Roy 202 S. McElroy St. - Box 241 Gulf Oil Corp.
Head, Princeton 1107 S. Virginia St. Owner, Prince Cleaners
Healthorium 200 S. Vivian St. Rob't. Wright
Heard, L. A. 301 9th St. - Box 354 Crane County
Heard, Dr. H. M. 911 S. Alford St. Self - Chiropractor
Heard Clinic, Dr. W. M. 112 W. 9th St. Dr. W. M. Heard, D. C.
Heath, J. B. 722 S.Dorothea St. Gen. American Oil
Heinze, E. B. 209 S. Mary St. - Box 667 County Auditor
Heiser, E. H. 1110 S. Mary St. Crane Schools
Heiser, Frank 1015 S. Alford St. Crane County
Heiser, T. B. 908 S. Gaston St. T. N. White Mtr. Co.
Hembree, Mrs. W. L. 507 S. Mary St. Retired
Henderson, C. C. 606 23rd St. - Box 301 Gulf Oil Corp.
Henderson, C. W. 700 22nd St. - Box 884 Gulf Oil Corp.
Henderson, G. C. 1201 S. Dorothea St. Atlantic Ref. Co.
Henderson, Mrs. L. B. 1020 S. McElroy St. - Box 482  
Henderson, Morris E. 603 20th St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Hendricks, Mrs. Maudie 800 S. Dorothea St.  
Hendricks, Mrs. Reba 300 21st. St. Justice of the Peace
Henry, Joseph E. 619 20th St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Henry, Mrs. Juanita 906 S. Sue St. Henderson's Drive-In
Henson, Kenneth 505 W. 3rd St. (trailer)  
Heptinstall, Roy D. 703 24th St. - Box 1162 Gulf Oil Corp.
Herbert, Miss Dolores 323 S. Mary St.  
Herman, Gene 206 Crane St. Wilmoths, 66 Service
Herman, Leon 1210 S. Gaston St. Apt. A Hammont & Mangum
Hess, Robt. (Bob) 1102 S. Alford St. - Box 288 Well Serv. Co. of Crane
Hester, R. N. 801 S. Gaston St. - Box 534 Gulf Oil Corp.
Hickey, Jack 1115 S. Virginia St. - Box 566 Mobil Pet. Co.
Hickey, Scott W. 302 21st St. - Box 305 Gulf Production
Hicks, Mrs. Loyse Ann 201 22nd St. Crane Schools
Higdon, A. L. 103 N. Alford St. Higdon Cafe & Gulf
Higdon's Cafe 801 S. Sue St. A. L. Higdon, Owner
Hightower, David 703 S. Adams Road Gulf Oil Corp.
Hightower, Richard 113 E. 5th St. Mathis Oil Field Serv.
Hill, Charles B. 517 S. Mary St. Tex.-New Mex.
Hill, D. 1210 S. Gaston St., (C) Dual Drilling
Hill, G. S. 512 W. 11th St. - Box 792 Gulf Oil Corp.
Hill, H. J. 714 W. 8th St. Wilmoth's 66 Service
Hilton, Bob 807 S. Gaston St. Apt. 4 Webb Grocery
Hinde, Mrs. C. R. 710 S. Vivian St.  
Hinnant, Reagan 1215 S. Alfrod St. - Box 1114 Owner, El Paso Station
Hinnant's El Paso Serv. 400 S. Gaston St. Reagan Hinnant, Owner
Hinson, J. B. 420 S. McElroy St. Texas University
Hodges, A. E. 816 S. Sue St. Tex.-New Mex.
Hodges, Jim Bob 1019 S. Sue St. R & T Gulf Service
Hoffman, G. D. 316 S. Vivian St. John Greer Drilling
Hogan, Theodore W. 1710 S. McElroy St. Crane Motor Co.
Hogan, Thos C., Sr. 102 N. Mary St. Self
Hogan, Thomas C., Jr. 109 S. Vivian St. Crane Motor Co.
Hogsett, W. E., Jr. 306 20th St. Gulf Refining Co.
Holcomb, Dewey M. 405 24th St. - Box 475 Gulf Oil Corporation
Holcumb, Harvey 403 23rd St. Atlantic Oil
Holifield, Steve 1811 S. McElroy St. R. R. Kennedy
Holistin, M. T. 609 S. Adams Rd. Retired
Holland, Bob 402 E. 20th St. Hunt Oil Company
Holland, Ike 406 23rd St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Holland, J. D. 802 S. Adams Rd. Rifed Drilling Co.
Hollander, A. J. 121 S. McElroy St. Guadalupe Drig. Co.
Hollander, Nomia 121 S. McElroy St. Dairy Mart
Hollander, T. C. 121 S. McElroy St. Crane County
Hollin, Mattie Lee 215 S. Elizabeth St.  
Hollin, P. H. 215 S. Elizabeth St.  
Hollin, Pink 215 S. Elizabeth St. City of Crane
Hollins, Argie 101 1/2 N. Elizabeth St. Self
Hollins, Bill 101 S. Elizabeth St. School
Hollins, Ernest 804 S. Second St. School
Hollin Grocery 103 N. Elizabeth St. Argie Hollins
Hollins, Mrs. L. D. 103 Elizabeth St. Med. Cent. Hosp. Odessa
Hollins, T. J. 208 Elizabeth St. Preacher
Hollaway, Chester 1214 S. Vivian St. Humble Production
Holmes, J. T. 1200 S. Gaston St.  
Holt, I. D. 707 24th St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Honea, Jack K. 1019 S. Katherine St. - Box 246 Atlantic Refining Co.
Hood, A. L. 106 S. Vivian St. First State Bank
Hood, L. Grady 403 22nd St. - Box 863 Frost Baking Company
Hood, James A. 203 24th St. - Box 622 Gulf Oil Corporation
Hooper, Ida Mae 609 S. McElroy St.  
Hoover, A. J. 212 11th St. Southern Union Gas
Horn, Aubrey 105 W. 11th St. Fluid Pack Co.
Horne, W. E. 711 23rd St. - Box 864 Gulf Oil Corp.
Horton, Joe E. 410 S. Vivian St. Well Service of Crane
Hoestenbach, J. L. 608 22nd St. - Box 685 Gulf Oil Corp.
Houck, J. Y. 420 S. Sue St. Guadalupe Drill. Co.
Howard, B. W. 502 E. 20th St. Johnston Testers, Inc.
Howard, C. L. 402 E. 6th St. Highland Drilling Co.
Howard, Evelyn 1020 S. Vivian St. - Box 1293 Crane Laundry
Howell, Joseph A. 805 S. Sue St. Guadalupe Drilling
Howerton, Douglas 410 W. 7th St. - Box 445 J. R. Todd Co.
Howeth, William H. 720 S. Adams Road Crane Schools
Hubbard, Joe L. 209 S. Virginia St. Atlantic Pipeline
Hubbert, Sam R. 404 E. 20th St. Tex.-New Mex.
Hudec, Lidie 1019 S. Vivian - Box1214 Rip Davis Transport
Hudson, Mrs. Beatrice 307 21st St. - Box 1213 City of Crane
Hudson, George L. 202 20th St. - Box 236 Gulf Pipeline Co.
Huggins, J. H., Jr. 604 22nd St. - Box 921 Gulf Oil Corp.
Huggins, John H. 903 S. Katherine St. Retired
Hughes, Mrs. Edith 105 S. Vivian St. - Box 1297 County HD Agent
Hughes, Elmer 805 S. Sue St. - Box 374 Self Employed
Hughes, Young Glenn 1700 S. McElroy St. R. R. Kennedy
Hunnicutt, Garland 305 23rd St. - Box 1213 Gulf Oil Corp.
Hunter, Cecil 1204 S. Vivian St. El Paso Natural Gas
Hussey, Helen Ruth 1905 S. McElroy St. Carter Chevrolet
Hustead, Earl 709 22nd St. - Box 1052 Kewanee Oil Co.
Hutchinson, Mrs. J. L. 1205 S. Alford St. Adcock Applicance
Hudson, E. R. 300 S. Vivian St. Self Employed
Hyche, M. E. 1109 S. Alford St. Gulf Oil Corp.
Hynice, Albert 814 S. Elizabeth St. El Paso Natural Gas

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