1960 Crane City Directory
Surnames, R

R & T Gulf Service 800 S. Gaston St.  
Ragsdale, Richard 715 W. 10th St. Gulf
Ramirez, Robert 800 S. McElroy St. Painter
Ramsey, Paul E. 109 S. Alford St.- Box 744 Texaco Oil Co.
Randolph, B. G. 720 W. 11th St. Gulf
Randolph, Raymond 401 W. 10th St.- Box 902 Sharp Drilling Co.
Raveno, Ralph 306 E. Forth St.- Box 734 County
Reddick, Cecil F. 305 23td St. - Box 1202 Gulf Oil Corp.
Reeder, Betty 814 W. 8th St. Hiland Drig. Co.
Reeves, Gayle 507 20th St. Gulf Oil
Reeves, W. W. 419 S. Mary St. (trailer) Atlantic Refining Co.
Reynolds, Oscar S. 918 S. Alford St. Self Employed
Reynolds, T. E. 1117 S. Katherine St. Atlantic Refining Co.
Rhoads, William L. 608 20th St. Student
Richardson, J. D. 209 W. 10th St. Bradshaw Well Serv.
Richardson, J. L. 611 23rd St. - Box 441 Texas-New Mexico
Richey, Dale 1003 S. Mary St. Gulf Oil Co.
Riden, Evelyn 1925 S. McElroy St. Southern Union Gas
Rimer, Wayne 502 S. Adams Road J. R. Todd
Rives, Tom W. 200 S. Mary St. Durham Drilling Co.
Robbins, J. W. 1111 S. Katherine St. - Box 606 Gulf Oil Co.
Roberson, J. L. 411 S. McElroy St. Bradshaw Well Service
Roberts, Lena 103 S. Virginia St. Retired
Roberts, Roy W. 117 E. 12th St. Gene McCutchin
Robinson, Mrs. D. G. 418 S. Dorothea St.  
Robinson, Ira 407 W. 6th St.- Box 464 Houston Hydrocarbon
Robnett, Edward H. 107 S. Mary St. Crane Super Ser. Sta.
Robnett, James W. 203 W. 12th St. Self Employed
Rodger, J. R. 104 S. Mary St. Warren Petroleum
Rogers, Guy 704 23rd St. - Box 2267 Retired
Rogers, Guy C. 205 S. Virginia St. Petro-Tec.
Rogers, J. B., Sr. 204 S. Mary St.- Box 212 B. & P. Concrete Co.
Rogers, J. B., Jr. 908 S. Dorothea St. - Gen. Del. B. & R. Concrete
Rollo, W. G. 308 S. McElroy St. Kennedy Trucking
Rooks, H. F. 1209 S. Mary St. Retired (Humble Oil)
Rouse, Marvin E. 314 S. McElroy St.- Box 229 R. R. Kennedy
Roussarie, A. J. 202 22nd St. Crane Well Service
Rowlett, W. A. 222 S. Dorothea St. - Box 368 Fred Swick Oil Trans.
Rowlett, W. A., Jr. 511 S. Dorothea St. - Box 368 Fred Swick Oil Trans.
Royal, Watt, Rev. 1008 S. Gaston St. - Box 715 Methodist Church
Runsey, Arnold 518 S. Vivian St. - Box 256 Gulf
Russell, Leonard E. 401 24th St. - Box 311 Gulf Oil Corp.
Russell, R. V. 507 24th St. - Box 881 Gulf Oil Corp.
Russell-Thomas Const. 121 N. Gaston St. - Box 1226 Steve Thomas, Mgr.
Rutherford, T. C. 206 S. McElroy St., E. 7th St. Cameron Lumber Co.

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