by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #16
Taken from the Crane News, fishing Mexico, date published not known.


     We used to go fishing in Mexico, crossing at Presidio to Ojinaga.  We then drove 9 hours to go 72 miles on a dirt and rocky road to get to the fishing hole on the Conchas River.  We went to the town of Cuchillo Parado.  It was a jeep or pickup road.

     We had to have a guide that we picked up in Ojinaga.

     It was a camping out experience as there were no facilities there.

     The local farmers built a rock and brush dam that backed the river up through a deep canyon with solid rock walls.  We took a small boat with us to set out lines in the canyon.  One morning we put 14 one gallon sealed jugs with one hook each in the head of the canyon. The next morning they had floated through and we had 14 channel catfish.

     My first trip was with Gray Webb, Sr. Gray Webb, Jr., Otho Blount, C. G. Nicholas, W. R. Marlowe, a Mr. Qualls and L. S. Adcock.  Other trips included K. P. Looney, Al Hood, Bill Clayton and others.  K. P. Looney and I made one trip together, just the two of us.

     When a bunch of us went we would take some big blocks of ice and bury them in the ground wrapped in canvass to bring the fish home with.  The fishing was excellent. I made a movie of K. P. catching a fish every time he threw out with his rod and reel.

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