by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #40
Taken from the Crane News, date published unknown.


     A few memories from back then.  Some of our Crane young men went to Ojinaga, Mexico across from Presidio and stole a train that was sitting on a track with steam up.  We heard different stories on their operation.  One was that they drove the train towards Chihuahua City through the Mexican towns of Chjapa and Mula where they were apprehended.  Another was that they drove it back across the Rio Grande to the U.S.A.  Either way it caused quite a stir in International relations.  We had a house on 6th Street in 1941.  The area back of us for about a block was covered in huge mesquite bushes.  I bought a pig from R. L. Dameron.  We put him in a pen in the middle of the mesquite thicket.  I paid him $20 worth of feed for that pig.  I fed him $25 worth of feed.  He turned out to be a runt and didn't grow.  I sold him for $10.  Just one of my many investments in Crane.  Somebody blew the legs from the water tower that was serving the Gulf Camp and toppled it.  J. D. Richardson saw a 10 point buck deer real close to the Gulf office.  There were 175 houses out there at that time maintained by the Gulf Oil Corporation.

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