by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #42
Taken from the Crane News, published August 22, 1999.


     In 1936 Pete Lovelace and Dude Lovelace, brothers, had a barber shop a few doors north of the Crane Food Store where I worked.  There was a beauty shop in the back.  I think this was the custom in those days.  Fellows, the acme of relaxation and fine feeling was a barber shop shave.  When I could afford the 50¢ price I enjoyed this luxury.  First they would wrap a huge hot towel around and over your face leaving your nose sticking out.  Then you would start to hear the beat of the straight edge razor hitting on the strop which hung on the side of the chair.  The expression "razor sharp" was born to describe the blade on the old straight edge.  They practically played a tune stropping the instrument.  Next step was application of some kind of face cream to soften the whiskers.  It smelled pretty good, too.  Then more hot, and I do mean hot, towels one right after the other.  After the swabbing off of the cream, the regular shaving cream as we know it today was put on.  Then the delicate touch of the razor was applied - never a nick.  Hot towels again and they slapped your face with gusto when the real good smelling shaving lotion was applied.  What an experience!  I wish I could get one for 50¢ today.  Back in pioneer days, barbers served as doctors and surgeons when none of those were available.

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