by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #43
Taken from the Crane News, date published unknown.


     We used to have a man running around West Texas who had fits.  This is not as it seems.  Everywhere one went in this area, signs appeared with the words "BOB WARD HAS FITS".  I guess you would call him a peddler of sorts.  He sold tailor made suits mainly but also shirts.  If you were interested, he would whip out a tape measure and a notebook.  He had several big bags of samples of beautiful material for suits for men.  The factory that made up his orders was in Cincinnati, OH.  His suits fit, as the saying goes, to a T.  His custom made shirts were very beautiful.  He passed away many years ago in San Angelo where his home was.  For a long time, his Burma Shave type of signs were still visible out here.  I saw one not long ago and looked up quickly expecting to see his car with a big sign across the top reading "BOB WARD HAS FITS IN SUITS".

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