by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #45
Taken from the Crane News, published April 20, 1999.


     I remember when W. L. "Dad Chaffin", our sheriff at the time, hit a man on the head with his pistol butt to subdue him out in front of the Crane Food Store on Gaston about 1938.  I also remember at this location Neal Cook and Vance Martin jacked up the rear wheels of Smokey Swift's pickup when he wasn't looking.  When he got in, the pickup wouldn't move.  He just knew he had transmission trouble.  I remember Neal and I cutting up over 2,000 pounds of beef to deliver about midnight to the Masons out at Caliche Loop south of town.  They had about 1,500 Masons from around the state of Texas for this annual event called "The Hilltop."  Thank goodness we had an electrical saw by then.  Cliff Newland made his famous "Son-of-a-Gun" stew every year.  I remember Charlie Passur coming to Crane in 1936.  He had been in the Armed Forces for several years. He purchased a liquor store and operated it for ten years.  Then he went in with Bob Topin in the dry goods business, which lasted 53 years to the present time.  I remember Johnny Bindman, a little man who worked in Leaman's Department Store.  He could and would sell more tickets to any activity or fundraiser than anyone before or since.  However, Ted Hogan can sure sell those Lion's Club roses.

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