by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #48
Taken from the Crane News, June 10, 1999.


     Mary Miller was an exceptional lady.  She ran the forerunner of nursing homes in Crane.  She had a house across the highway from the Permian Auto location today.  This house had many rooms, but it was certainly not in the class of modern nursing homes.  However, this lady took in several old folks and took excellent care of them.  Even though the stringent rules and regulations of today were not in force, she cared for these patients as if they were her own parents.  The place was spotlessly clean and she cooked excellent meals.  Of course she had help.  I wish I could say how many she cared for.  We delivered groceries to her everyday.  I am going to guess this was circa 1950.  When we occasionally got in a crate of strawberries or green beans or something that was not top-notch, our produce supplier would give us credit for this.  We would take it to Mary.  What a boon she was to people who had old folks they could not take care of.  She was kind, considerate, efficient, pleasant and needed.  I imagine she has gone on.  I hope she is not forgotten.

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