by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #66
Taken from the Crane News, published March 9, 2000.


     I really get chatised by my 90 year old brother, Ray, who lives in Oceanside, CA.  He said that I was all wrong in my article in The Crane Millennium Edition When I said our Dad only bought one car.  His first one was a 1915 Model T.  It had "Presto" headlights that opened up to allow him to light them with a match.  The gas was from the "Presto" tank on the running board, the self-starter was a handle you pulled out to turn the motor over.  He said a quarter turn, but my memory tells me that a quarter turn never started one.

     Second car was another Model T Touring Car.  He and my older brother, Frosty, wrecked it while racing some guys on the usual gravel road.

     Ray's job as a passenger was to watch the speedometer.  He said with excitement that they were going 30 miles an hour.

     The other guys passed them then and their car hit the loose gravel and turned completely over, throwing Ray out with minor scratches.  Frosty was under the car yelling that it was on fire!  The gasoline tank was dripping on the old wooden dash and burning.  A lady came with a bucket of water and put out the fire.

     The racing guys came back and they all turned the car back up.  Dad brought a team and wagon and towed it in.

     He also bought a 1926 Model T Touring Car with side curtains that snapped on.  I remember coming to West Texas in that in 1942 with my mother and three brothers.

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