Gorman Cemetery

Page last updated: September 12, 2014


Background: Gorman Cemetery began as a slave cemetery. In the olden times, the members of the Shiloh Baptist Church use to bury their dead in the Sam Gorman Cemetery. However, often bad weather and muddy roads delayed burials since the cemetery was a distance from the church and residents. Later the Shiloh Baptist Church voted about 1940's to move start using a newly donated parcel of land for the cemetery and abandon the older Gorman Cemetery. Some of the old stones were moved from Gorman Cemetery to the Shiloh Cemetery.

Directions: Go east from Fairfield down Highway 84. Past Red Lake, turn right onto FM 489. Located on County Road that goes west from FM 489, at end of Burleson Lake Dam.

Layout: Cemetery is in very poor condition with practically no upkeep. Covers about 3 acres.

Number of Graves: Only 7-8 graves found. Many were moved to Shiloh.

Oldest Marked Grave: 17 Nov 1918 J. F. Tippen

Davis, Ernest
    TX Pvt Res Labor QMC WWI
? Feb 17, 1932
Eddings, Ester
    wife of Roscoe
Apr 2, 1902 Apr 14, 1925
Harris, May Jan 22, 1872 Sept 6, 1942
Harris, Peter ? Sept 17, 1943
Malone, Willie Feb 19, 1890 Sept 8, 1926
Manning, Fanny
    age 59
1839 Sept 11, 1898
Tippin, Mr. J. F. Apr 5, 1882 Nov 17, 1918
Wade, Adam June 10, 1852 Nov 12, 1921