Brooke Family Cemetery


Contributed by:  Brown V. Brooke

Take Hwy 84 out of Teague through Fairfield, continue for approx. 12-13 miles south to FM-489 at "Crossroads", (Butler Vol. Fire Dept. on the right), turn right and follow 486  approx. 7-8 miles until you see Brown Chapel Church, take a right (Mary Browne Rd.) and go approx. 1 mile where you will see a handpainted sign and a step over made of metal.  The cemetery is approx. 45 degrees to the right and through some trees and thick undergrowth and enclosed in a wrought iron fence.

Information can be found at Find-a-grave

Brooke, Georgia Ann (Green)
     wife of Ignatius Roger Brooke
Aug 1, 1821 June 3, 1881
Brooke, Ignatius Roger
     hus of Georgia Ann (Green) Brooke
     son of Joseph Roger & Sarah (Perry) Brooke
Oct 4, 1819 Jan 11, 1882
Brooke, Turner Aug 20, 1880 Oct 13, 1881
Harrison, Andrew
     hus of Martha Harrison
     (located outside fence)
Dec 17, 1859 Nov 2, 1871
Harrison, Martha
     wife of Andrew
     (located outside fence)
Dec 24, 1856 Mar 2, 1864
Trahin, Frank
     son of J. F. & Sophia (Brooke) Trahin
Feb 28, 1883 Aug 30, 1885
Trahin, J. F.
     (unable to read, broken marker)
Unknown Unknown
Trahin, Sophia (Brooke)
     wife of J. F. Trahin
     dau of Ignatius & Georgia Ann (Green) Brooke
ay 31, 1853 Apr 12, 1889

Notes: Outside the fencing with no identification: 11 stones plus the two Harrison graves. They are all small, covered with moss and unreadable.