Daniel Memorial Cemetery


Background: The Daniel Memorial Cemetery was established by Jennings Bryan Daniel (b Dec 25, 1896, s/o Americus Lee "Meck" Daniel, m Miss Louise "Sallie" Calame) family on the behalf of the children's home and their family. In the late 1920s,
J. B. bought land for Shell Oil company and eventually became the largest single land owner in the county. In 1948, Jennings built the Children's home
On the 1,142 acres of the children's home, nine buildings stand. The dormitories, administration and kitchen came from an army camp in Tyler. The rock frame buildings were covered with rock from the nearby quarry. The chapel was brought from Oklahoma. There was a barn and chicken houses. A water tower used at the Courthouse was moved and used here. On this beautiful landscape of rolling hills the largest sycamore tree of the state of Texas stands.
Eventally the children's home was renamed Pleasant Hills.

Directions: From Fairfield, take 84 east to the Butler community. Past Butler on the left off 84 is the Daniel Orphagnage. The property of the children's home is surrounded by a white iron fence. The cemetery is located on the first entrance road to the home from Fairfield.
Cemetery Description: About 50 feet square
Oldest Marked Grave: 12/18/1877

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Daniel, Rev. Howard Bryan "Sonny"
    son of J. B. Daniel
    Administrator of the children's home
Sep 27, 1931 Nov 10, 1960
Daniel, Jennings Bryan "Uncle Bryan"
     hus of Louise (Calame) Daniel
Dec 25, 1896 Dec 18, 1977
Daniel, Louise (Calame)
    wife of Jennings Bryan Daniel
Jan 20, 1903 May 25, 1966
Myers, Fullie 1902 1980
Pollard, Martha Jean May 21, 1947 Jan 20, 1955
Raffel, Miss Eleanor F. Dec 11, 1904 May 2, 1975
Robinson, George Kelly Oct 7, 1950 Mar 18, 1967
Toomy, Linda Sue June 15, 1950 Jan 20, 1953
Turner, Shannon Dale May 28, 1971 July 24, 1973