Ivey Cemetery


Location: Near Butler.

Directions: Located about 12 miles east of Fairfield on the old Ivey place
which is still believed to be owned by Dr. Bentley of Palestine. Six marked
graves are located there and several unmarked graves. Rediscovered in 1980.

Oldest Marked Grave: Apr 18, 1872

Ivey, Callie
    dau of J. & L. C. Ivey
July 19, 1874 Sept 30, 1875
Ivey, Edmond
    son of J. & L. C. Ivey
Feb 17, 1872 Apr 18, 1872
Ivey, Josiah
    Masonic Emblem
Dec 13, 1817 Apr 11, 1881
Ivey, Lucretia
    wife 1st of Lewis G. Stillwell
    wife 2nd of Josiah Ivey
1833 1903
Powers, Sibbie (Ivey)
    wife of W. F. Powers
    dau of J. & L. C. Ivey
Feb 8, 1868 Oct 31, 1900
Shelton, Mary G. (Ivey)
    wife 1st of T. T. Evans
    wife 2nd of George Shelton
    dau of J. & L. C. Ivey
1856 1885