Johnson - Glazner Cemetery


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Directions: From Hwy 75 at Dew take Co. Road 489 East about 6 1/2 miles and the cemetery is on the right in the pasture on top of a hill. You can not see the cemetery from the road but it is across the road from the Plum Creek Headquarters.

Family legends has it that much of the cemetery was inadvertently excavated when the ranch belonged to Henry Yager and he began selling gravel from the hill. Unknowingly, the dozer operator destroyed grave markers when clearing the land. It was only when the dragline started unearthing human bones that Mr. Yager realized a cemetery existed here. He relinquished several thousand dollars in gravel to leave the rest of the graves undisturbed. It layed forgotten for many years and grew up in trees, briars and brush. In the summer of 1998 I, Catherine Simmons, my husband and three children and a couple of their friends went out with the permission of Mr. Dunlkap and started cleaning up the cemetery. We have all but a 1/4 of it cleaned up.

Bob Glazner went out and put a fence around the cemetery to keep the cows out of it. It is said that there are quite a few people buried in the cemetery but as of today these are the only stones left standing.

Daniel, Estella Mar. 4, 1882 Dec. 27, 1882
The Glazner family are in a Rock like wall that is falling down
Glazner, Stephen
     *b. in Transylvania, NC, d. Dew, Freestone Co., TX
June 23, 1817 Nov. 28, 1876
*Glazner, Edwin Ruthvin
     son of Stephen and Rachel (Clayton) Glazner
     b. Marion Co., NC, d. Freestone Co., TX
Oct 14, 1844 Sept. 16, 1867
*Glazner, Rachel (Howell)
     2nd wife of Stephen Glazner
     b. NC
     (could be one of the unknown graves)
*Glazner, Nancy L.
     dau of Stephen and Rachel (Clayton) Glazner
     b. NC, d. TX
     (could be one of the unknown graves)
Dec 2, 1842  
Glazener, Sallie (Johnson)
     Sallie was a Johnson & married William Glazner who is buried
     in Post Oak Cemetery
Aug. 15, 1850 Feb. 12, 1870
Harrison, Onezia Apr. 1, 1886 June 4, 1887
Nancy A., Loyd F. & William M. L. Johnson's graves are covered with concrete blocks.  The story is that they
did this to keep the critters from digging up the bodies.
Johnson, Nancy A. Sept. 15, 1798 Aug. 31, 1876
Johnson, Loyd F. Oct. 10, 1800 Aug. 10, 1856
Johnson, William M.L. Mar. 15, 1824 Jan. 22, 1870
Johnson, Willie W.
     son of John L. Jr. and Martha (Bridges) Johnson
Dec. 7, 1882 July 21, 1884
Johnson, E.G. Oct. 26, 1850 May 15, 1889
Moore, James R. Aug. 14, 1889 Nov. 27, 1890
Norman, W.H. Nov. 5, 1814 Oct. 30, 1882
There is a wrought iron fence in the cemetery that we believe John L. Johnson is buried in.  There is no
headstone or markings to prove this.  No dates available