Mims Cemetery


Contributed by:  Annette Burdett

Location: South, Southeast behind Thousand Oaks Housing Addition in Fairfield, Texas.

John Mims (Annette's great, great grandfather) purchased his first land at Fairfield, in Freestone County, in 1855, out of the Redin Gainer Survey at the southeast edge of the townsite. To this beginning of 277 acres, he added until he owned approximately 3 sections, or about 1900 acres, extending nearly to what is now the Post Oak Community Church, some 3 miles southeast of the county seat. This land was described in the deeds as "on the headwaters of Kecchi creek", but in fact today is called Mims creek.

Located on a hillside, near the northern end of the farm, now a pasture, is a small Cemetery which is grown up with very large trees inside an ornamental iron fence with no one taking care of it. One large tree has spread at the bottom and pushed the base of John Mims marker to the top, (about 4' x 10") has fallen off mounting--face up.

Oldest Grave: 9/6/1880

There is only 6 grave sites and these are for:

Brocks, ? 1807 Dec 31, 1881
Lane, Lizza
     dau of Z. T. & Mollie
Jan 8, 1880 Apr 12, 1881
Lane, Mollie
    wife of Zachary Thomas Lane
    dau of John Mims
July 24, 1850 Sept 6, 1880
Lane, Zachary Thomas Jan 12, 1850 July 14, 1884
Mims, Eliza
    dau of John
Oct 4, 1845 July 11, 1892
Mims, John Sept 7, 1803 Sept 13, 1887