Tippen Family Cemetery

Loyeen (McDaniel) Pritchett and Jerry Sue (Lovell) Pryor.

Location: This cemetery is in the Plum Creek community area.

Directions: 7 miles south of Red Lake on Farm Road 489, turn east on dirt road about 4 miles.

There are only two graves in this cemetery. The cemetery is in fairly good shape, just weeds growing up and a tree has grown where the gate was. Someone has removed part of the gate and fence because of the tree. This cemetery is surrounded by a white rod iron fence (which needs to be painted) . The name of the ranch that the cemetery sits on is Big Man Ranch. This at one time was the home of John and Nancy (Gorman) Tippen/Tippin., known as Tippens place. The child is the adopted son of John and Nancy. His biological mother was Rachel Samantha (Carroll)(Anderson) Ferguson. Long story to this one, but can't understand why the Tippen couple would adopted a dead child and we have this documented.

This Cemetery is on the Upper Keechi Creek, Post Office Butler, Freestone Co., Tx.

Tippen, John Sr.
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Nov 26, 1825 Apr 5, 1880
Tippen, John Jr. Jan 23, 1872 Sept 19, 1876