Tyus Cemetery

by Eric Bonner Wood

Status: Inactive since 1935.

Background:  The Tyus cemetery is the burial spot of Robert Malone Tyus, Sr and his descendants.  The nearby spot on the river where the house stood is known as Tyus Bluff.  I highly recommend reading History of Freestone Vol II, #886 and #889.  The cemetery has also been suggested by many as a burial ground for the settlements of Troy, Pine Bluff and Boardpile but there is nothing to currently support this.

Layout:  Cemetery enclosure is almost a square enclosing about 4,225 square feet or approx 1/10 an acre.  North fence aligned N80 degree E.  Enclosed by old style metal graveyard fence with metal posts.

Location: NE of Fairfield about 1/2 mile from the Trinity River on Texas Department of Corrections land, Coffield unit. Located on Coffield State Prison property.

Contact Info: Warden at the Cofield unit: (903) 928-2211

Directions:  Go eastward from Fairfield down Highway 84.  Turn left onto FM 1364/#163 near Turlington.  Go down FM 1364/#163 for 3.3 miles to junction with #109 that goes to the Coffield State Prison.  Go to the left fork onto #109 towards the prison for 1.3 miles to gate on east side of road.  Go .8 miles from gate on prison property road until a road taking off in a southeasterly direction is reached.  Cemetery is .2 mile from junction of these two roads.

USGS Topographic Map:  Tennessee Colony Quadrangle, Turlington survey

Number of Graves:  at least 42 graves  (only 19 listed in H of FC Vol II)

Oldest Marked Grave:  21 Sep 1875  R. M. Tyus

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 31.78, Longitude: -95.9794

Ivy, Benjamin Adair
    hus of Willie Ann
    H of FC, Vol II #886
Jan 5, 1872 Dec 5, 1915
Ivy, Willie Ann V. (Vanderburg)
    wife of Ben Adair
     H of FC, Vol II #886
July 18, 1876 1906
Sheppard, Elizabeth A.
    wife of Oscar
    H of FC, Vol II #886
abt 1856 ?
Sheppard, Oscar
    hus of Elizabeth A.
no dates no dates
Tyus, Amanda C. (Haynie) Feb 128, 1832 May 27, 1904
Tyus, Ben no dates no dates
Tyus, Bertha no dates no dates
Tyus, Ellen B. Dec 3, 1882 Feb 4, 1883
Tyus, Fanny
    1st dau of William & M. E.
July 22, 1878 Apr 22, 1888
Tyus, G. B. ? 1930
Tyus, Joe no dates no dates
Tyus, Joseph A. July 7, 1891 Sept 11, 1894
*Tyus, Leann V.
    see Note
no dates no dates
Tyus, Lizzie S. no dates no dates
Tyus, Mary Ellen (Tolbert)
    1st wife of William T.
Apr 29, 1849 Apr 6, 1881
Tyus, Mothey
    cousin of William & M. E.
Jan 4, 1881 Jan 9, 1883
Tyus, Nora Bell Feb 13, 1896 Mar 28, 1896
Tyus, Robert Malone
    Fought for Texas Independence
Mar 17, 1811 Sept 21, 1875
Tyus, Sallie no dates no dates
Tyus, Texanna (Winkler)
    2nd wife of William
July 17, 1866 Nov 20, 1935
Tyus, William Thomas
    hus of Texanna
    son of R. M. & A. C.
Feb 10, 1851 Nov 2, 1917
Tyus, William
    H of FC Vol II #889
Jan 1880 1880

Numerous others unidentifiable. Most should be Tyus graves according to H of FC Vol I pg 197.

*Note:might be: Lee Ann abt 1858-7/18/1876 who married John Quitman Vanderburg on 7/22/1875 FC. He left two months before a baby born, and Lee Ann died in child birth.