Delia Boyd


Contributed by Lewis Boyd

Freestone Co. Texas

Boyd.--Mrs. Deliah Boyd died January 24, 1891, at her residence, near Cotton Gin, Texas, in the eighty-third year of her age. Grandma Boyd , as she was called by almost every one, no doubt was prepared for departure. She has been more than fifty years preparing for this journey. She was a grand and good old woman, very sweet spirited, and one that you would have no doubt of meeting in the "sweet-bye-bye." She leaves a husband eighty-eighty years of age, to whom she was united in marriage sixty five years ago. I visited them a few days before her death, and as sat side by side I thought how good and how pleasant is old age to such as these. She leaves seventy-five children and grandchildren, while many had preceeded her to the other shore. One little great-grandchild has crossed over since she left, the infant of Bro. Cicero Boyd, having died on Saturday the 7th. instant. To all these bereaved ones we would say: God doeth all things well, and while we see through a glass darkly now, yet someday, if we are only faithful, we will understand all. God bless you. Amen