William H. David, Sr.


Contributed by Jackye Penney

The Fairfield Recorder
Nov. 12, 1886

Death of an Old Citizen

Mr. Wm. DAVID Sr. whose long illness has been mentioned several times in our column died at his residence last Friday of cancer of the face. In the death of Mr. DAVID Freestone looses one of her oldest and best citizens. He was we believe a native of Georgia, but came to this county many years before the war. He was then one of its substantial men and took an active part in the affairs of the county. For several years past old age and ill health caused him to live a more retired life. Like many other of our older citizens the deceased was an honorable old gentleman and had wide circle of friends and acquaintances. He had a large family of sons and daughters who had grown to maturity and many grandchildren left to mourn the loss of a kind old grandfather. He had passed several years ago the allotted "three score and ten" and we think was nearly eighty when he died. He was a member of the Baptist church and was also a Royal Arch Mason. His remains were interred in the family burying ground near his residence where he had lived so long.


Dec. 10, 1886


On the 5th of November 1886 the soul of William DAVID Sr. passed from earth to heaven leaving behind a void that time can never fill. His death was not unexpected and was the result of facial cancer from which he had severely suffered for months. He bore his suffering with heroic fortitude and Christian resignation and passed quietly away at right age of 75 years surrounded by his devoted children, whose love, presence and tender ministrations made his "dying bed as soft as downy pillows are" He lived a long, useful and honorable life and died the death of a brave man and a Christian. Death had no sting for him and the grave no victory. His triumph over death and the grave was complete and his freed spirit now joined with loved ones gone before to the "home of the soul" and there awaits the coming of loved ones left behind.

The deceased was born in Madison County, Georgia November 13th, 1811, and was of the Virginia extraction. His parents, William and Lucy DAVID, having moved from Buckingham Co. Virginia, to Elbert Co. Georgia about the year 1788. Early in life he married Mary POWER and soon after moved to Jackson Co. Georgia. A few years later he moved to Troupe Co., that state, then to Stewart Co. Georgia where his wife died. 

And thence to Freestone Co. Texas 1859 where he married Mrs. CHAMBERS, nee CARTER, relic D.M. CHAMBERS, who gave his life to the Lord for the Lost Cause. This union was terminated by the death of Mrs. DAVID in 1874 and by her side at his request all that is mortal of him now "softly lies and sweetly sleeps".

Early in life he joined the Primitive Baptist church but severed his relations with it rather than renounce Free Masonry to which he was devoted through life and united himself the denomination known as Missionary Baptist and in that armor clad met and vanquished death. He was one of "nature’s nobleman" and no man more richly merits the "grand old name of gentleman". And his death had made heaven richer and earth poorer. We mourn him but not as "days without hope". He still lives and we shall meet him "over there". Peace to his ashes.