Jewel Harriss


Obituary 1897 of Jewel Harriss daughter of Minyard Hickerson Harriss and Kate E. Lennard

Transcribed by MaryFrances Flournoy 15 August 2007
(by permission of the Fairfield Recorder)

From the Fairfield Recorder, Fairfield, Texas
26 March 1897

Died at her home at Woodland, Texas, March 12, 1897, Miss Jewel Harriss, aged 22 years. A sweet young life has gone out; a bright beautiful life so full of joy, a present to those around her. The brightest “Jewel” in our dear, dear Woodland home has been filled in its casket and laid away while our longing loving eyes shall behold it not more until “this mortal shall have put on in mortality”
[rest of newspaper illegible]

end of obituary

please note:

Buried in the old Woodland Cemetery off FM 80 near Kirvin, Freestone County, Texas [cemetery map space 417]
The tombstone is about 3 feet high with a closed bible on top. It is an obelisk with carved columns and carved gates leading to a star. There is a chapel at the cemetery with a map indicating her grave as #417 and she is buried near the Lennards. Her two infant brothers Paul and Ralph are buried next to her. The inscription reads:

Dau. Of M.H. & Kate HARRISS
BORN: Nov. 8, 1874
Mar. 12, 1897

Fold her O Father in Thine arms.
& let her henceforth be
A messenger of love between
Our human hearts and Thee.

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