Lennard Harriss


Transcribed by MaryFrances Flournoy 15 August 2007
(by permission of the Fairfield Recorder)
From the Fairfield Recorder, Fairfield, TX
2 June 1916

To the Memory of Leonard Harris

At 5 o'clock P.M., Friday, May 19, 1916Leonard [sic] Harris [sic], the eldest son of the late M. H. Harriss, breathed his last. For many hours he had been unconscious of his surroundings; then, despite the efforts of a skilled physician and the attentions of his family and friends, the grim Reaper had his way. The tired brain and weary body, spent with suffering, was at rest.

The following afternoon at 3:30 o’clock, surrounded by the friends who dared brave the threatening clouds, he was laid away for his last long sleep with the ritualistic rites of the Woodmen of the World.

Leonard was born Jan. 27, 1877 at the old home, “Woodland Ranch” famous for the old fashioned hospitality of its head, this boy’s father.

His gentle mother is left bereft; her last son gone to join the father, sisters and brothers gone before. Of that once happy family only one remains to her, her daughter Katie May Harriss Gibson, the wife of Hamp Gibson, of Mexia, Texas. To these two and his nephew and nieces we extend the deepest sympathy.

The early education of our friend was obtained at “Old Woodland College” in sight of his home. Here he roamed the woods with his dog and gun carefree. When he out grew the curriculum of this once famous old school, he was sent to Mexia and then on to A. & M. College.[1] His early friends speak of his brilliant intellect, his noble qualities of mind and heart, magnetic, generous to a fault, affable to all.

Uncomplaining, he has tried since his father’s death, to fill that father’s place, settle his affairs with honor, all the while struggling with a physical disability that he knew would soon take him from the idolized mother whose name was the last word to pass his lips already pale with his mortal agony. Pneumonia had set up and his frail body succumbed.

The silver chord of his life is broken here; but in the beautiful beyond to be gathered up and woven again with threads more firm than any of earth’s weaving.

“Our life is but a fading dawn,
Its glorious noon, how quickly past!
Lead us, O Christ, when all is gone,
Safe home at last!”


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Please note:
Buried in the old Woodland Cemetery of FM 80 near Kirvin, Freestone County, Texas [cemetery map space 351]
Woodmen of the World Monument

BORN: JAN 27, 1877
DIED: MAY 19, 1916
His trials ended, his rest is now.

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1Lennard Harriss is the correct spelling. He was named after his mother’s family name “Lennard”