Angie May Milliken


Contributed by Catherine Simmons

Fairfield Recorder, Fairfield Texas
Friday, October 22, 1926

Miss Angie May MILLIKEN, 28, died last Wednesday afternoon at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. MILLIKEN in the Mt. Zion neighborhood after an illness of several months. Burial was in the Dew Cemetery Thursday afternoon in the presents of a large gathering of relatives and friends from different places.

A more extended notice will appear in a later issue of the Recorder.

Fairfield Recorder, Fairfield Texas

Friday, October 29, 1926

Miss Angie May MILLIKEN was born October 13, 1898 and died at her home about five miles east of Fairfield on October 20, 1926, thus being 28 years and 7 days old. 

She was buried in the cemetery at Dew Texas, her pastor, Rev. I O. DENT officiating. She joined the Methodist Church more than 13 years ago and was baptized by Rev. Alan Tooke.

Surviving her are her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. MILLIKEN, also three sisters and three brothers.

A short time before she died and when it was thought at first that she was dead, she revived and told those present that she wished she could tell them how wonderful death was and how beautiful it was to go home. She told then not to grieve, that she was going to be so happy. She further said to them, Jesus is reaching for me and the angels are standing guard across the bridge and I see our loved ones, naming several who had passed on. 

She selected the songs that she wanted sang at the last exercise. Nearer My God To Thee, Jesus, Lover of My Soul and In the Garden, she also selected the portions of the bible that she wanted read, John:14 Chapter and the 91st Psalm.

Miss Angie lived as a Christian and died as a child of God. She was refined and gentle and kind and many of her friends regret her untimely death. Her short life was made useful and in her work she was pleasant, competent and faithful. In life as in death she was pure gold. Though she knew her last days were at hand that even then the shadows of death were gathering about her, yet there was a smile on her face that revealed no fear of God to the faithful. We are assured that Angie rests well for the pure in heart she shall see God. We feel sure that this little girl will know pain and sorrow no more forever. For these things never enter the portals of heaven secure and steadfast in faith, guided by hope and love. It may be that as the angel of death hoovered near, she knew. My angel shall have charge over thee to keep thee

A Friend