Tommie Scott


Contributed by Patsy Carter, Mar 30, 2013

Obituary from
The Fairfield Recorder
November 8, 1901

We regret to learn of the accidental death of Mr. Tommie Scott, aged 22 a prominent young man of the Donie community. From what we learn Mr. Scott was hauling logs to a saw mill, and was found in the road by some school children, with a heavy log laying across his body, and life extinct. The wagon had turned over and the log had fell on his body, and when found it required several men to lift the log, being a very large and heavy one.

Mr. Scott bore the reputation of being an upright and moral young man, and his untimely death was a great shock to the entire community. The saddest feature of his death is that he leaves a young bride to mourn his sudden death, having been married only abut three weeks ago to Miss Donie Hancock an estimable young lady of the Donie community. The Recorder deeply sympathizes with the young wife and other relatives of the deceased.