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Captain John M. Elkins wrote a book in 1908 titled “LIFE ON THE TEXAS FRONTIER” with only a few copies printed. He was an early Texas Ranger in West TX and he had 3 other rangers to contribute chapters to the book; Jep Brown, uncle of Boley Brown, early Cattle King in Kent and Garza Co., Curley Hatcher, and William Lowrance.

Norman Rodgers, (daughter in-law Irene Rodgers was County Treasurer for Garza Co. and Norman died in Post in the 1920’s) was mentioned in Indian fights in the book.

Don Jay was given a copy of this rare book by his uncle Lowrance and we have reprinted the book. Mrs. Linda Puckett, at the Garza County Museum has stocked our book for sale there at the museum.  We would appreciate it if you could make mention of the book at your website for those who may be interested in the pioneer activities that helped settle this area so the people could live here and prosper!

This book is not available in bookstores due to its’ historic nature and value. The original has never been offered for sale as it does not exist on the market. In 1929 Frank McCarty rewrote parts of it and titled it “Indian Fighting on the Texas Frontier” and that is rare selling at 200 or more dollars.  Ms. Puckett is offering it at an affordable price around $40.00.  (Check with the Museum for actual price)

Information Submitted by: Norman W. Brown