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The Murder of Robert Glenny

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Charles E. Glenny was born Jan. 11,1879 Illinois and died Jan. 30,1956 Garza Co.,Tx.
Parents were Robert Glenny and Olive A. Mott. Charles married Parilee Taylor born Nov. 5,1877 Tarrant,Tx. and died Aug. 5,1962 Henrietta, Clay Co.,Tx. Parents were Wiley Thomas Taylor and Sarah Annie Elizabeth King.

Robert Lee Glenny;  born abt.1905 TX; died Apr. 10,1925 (Murdered)
Erwin Latson Glenny b abt. 1907 TX; died (unknown)
Nellie Bell Glenny b Mar. 7,1914 Clay Co.,TX;  died Jan. 26,1965 Clay Co.,TX;  married

              Dewey A. Wolf

Clay County, Texas    No. 2416
State of Texas vs C. E. Glenny
Charged with Murder
Henrietta,TX  June 10,1925

By testimony of Miss Betty Green for the defendant Charles E. Glenny.  

(The deceased told the defendant that he would kill him, that deceased procured a pistol and followed the defendant out into the yard, that defendant did not curse or abuse Mrs. Chas Glenny or the deceased, that she was present when deceased was killed and heard all conversation prior thereto in the home of Mrs. Chas. Glenny.)
When it came time for her to give her testimony Betty Green could not be found in Texas.

Charlie killed his oldest son, Robert Lee Glenny on April 10,1925. The following account is recalled by Etta Mae (Taylor) Grospiron, a cousin of Robert Lee Glenny, as remember by members of the Taylor family.

Out of eleven children born to Wiley Taylor and Sarah King, Parilee was the only girl. She grew up being protected  and looked after by her brothers.  In her relationship with her husband, Charlie, she was constantly  threatening him with her brothers. As a result he hated "The

Charlie and Parilee marriage resulted in a separation with Charlie living away. On one occasion he came to the house in Byers,Texas, where Parilee was living and a heated argument ensued inside the house. At one point Charlie left the house saying he was going to kill her and all "The Taylors".  He went to his car, which was parked on the side of the street, to get his shotgun. Before coming to Parilee's house he blackened the windows of his car with black cloth. Robert, Charlie's oldest son, got an inoperable hand gun from inside the house and went outside to try and bluff his father in an attempt to protect his mother.

As Robert rounded the corner of the house Charlie saw the gun in Robert's hand. He raised his shotgun and shot his own son!!!!   Parilee ran from inside and saw Robert laying on the ground covered in blood. She raised her hands and was screaming "You've shot my son, shoot me
too".   Charlie raised his gun at her, but did not shoot?

(This part was told to me by my dad George Wolf, he was raised by Parilee Taylor Glenny, his grandmother. Charlie did pull the trigger but the shell misfired, one more time he tried but the shell misfired again.  My dad has the very shotgun shell that misfired, you can see the two punches on the shell.  Parilee was lucky. GEW Jr./1999)

He lowered his gun, got in his car and drove away. There was fear that he might come back to kill Parilee and Latson, their younger son. Family members armed themselves and hid Latson  in a haystack. Charlie was attempting to cross the Red River Bridge into Oklahoma, where Parilee's
brothers lived, when he was apprehended. He willingly turned himself in and there was a trial.
He was sent to prison for ten years. There was a appeal for 42  witnesses subpoenaed, not one showed up!!!!!

Charlie Glenny was said to be the meanest man in Clay Co.,Texas. He tried to use the insanity plea which did not work.

(By Lynn R. Keinston, George Wolf and George Wolf Jr./1993)
George Efren Wolf Jr./1999


By George E. Wolf Jr./2000
(From The Murder of Robert Glenny By George Efren Wolf Jr./1999)

After Charles E. Glenny spent 10 years in prison for the murder of his son Robert, he moved to Garza County,Texas. He was living in Post,Texas since 1940. Charles was a blacksmith and mailman. On Jan. 30,1956, he was walking along the railroad tracks in the bitter cold, being 77 years old he got turned around and started walking out away from town. After about 5 miles the
cold was taking its effect on the old man. Charles had a heart attack and his body fell over on to the Santa Fe Railroad tracks around 7 am. He had been dead several hours when a early morning freight train ran over his body cutting it in two.

For the meanest man in Clay County,Texas the end for him was bitter and lonely.  It was said that later in the life of Charles E. Glenny that he became a peaceful soul. He was buried in the Terrace Cemetery in Post,Texas.

Written by the Great-grandson of Charles E. Glenny
(George Efren Wolf Jr./2000)