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July 22, 1904

(Mrs. Ida Weatherford McCarty)


Dear Mother and all:

I will try and answer your most welcome letter. I sure was glad to hear from you all once more--This leaves us all well and hope these few lines find you all well and enjoying Heavenís richest blessings.


The rest are eating breakfast. Mr. Charlie Oneal, and Mr. Chalk staid all night with us last night. We are having a good rain, it commenced raining yesterday

at 5.


Well Mother, Mr. Bud Browning is dead, he died with the mumps. Blod cloted on the brain. They could not find where it was cloged. They formed an operation on his eye and found that it was not there, then formed another operation behind the ear and still couldnít find it.


Mrs. Whitaker spent the day with me yesterday. We sure did have a good time. What did you do last Sun. July 17? Well Mama I was baptized that day. How I did wish Mama was ther. There was a large crowd. Some came from town, Grandpa Stigall baptized me. We will sart back some time next week.


I will send you a present for your 36th birthday which was July 7th. I will be sixteen in 6 days (July 28) and next month August 13th weíll be married one year.


Mrs. Whitaker brought me a nice book yesterday called ďTested Scriptures ExplainedĒ.


Love to all

Anier McCarty

Mrs. Andrew Sowell




Summer 1907

Post City Garza Co.

Via Tahoka U U Co.


(Mrs Ida McCarty

Rule Texas)


Dear Mother:


I will try to write you a few lines to let you know we are all well. The reason we have not written sooner, we have been moving. We sold our cotton crop for $120 which we sold the one room house to put in with Uncle Hugh Kincaid.


We moved to Post, Andrew, Luther Terry and Dean Sowell has a job of getting out rock. They will make about $3 a day apiece if they can ever get started. Our horses are gone now. They have been gone two days.


Post City is a town of 20 tents, and not one house. They are at work on a store of rock it is 160 ft. sq. and restaurant 60 x 60. They want to make this the finest town in West Texas.


I guess we will work here for awhile. I like this town but the water is no good. Gracie is sick, she has diarrhea. Loudella is a real good baby and real healthy and doing fine.


My new address is a long one isnít it? You see our town hasnít any post office yet. We are getting the Trumpet regular, and Iím making a scrapbook of the songs and poems in a 1907 Delenator Magazine. Iím in a hurry, will write more later.


Love to all,