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Garza Co. TX - Births, 1933
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     Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of
     Health. As of March 2000, Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death
     Indexes from 1964-1998 are available on the Internet, microfiche 
     or CD-ROM.

Last Name     First Name Middle, Suffix       Birthdate   Sex  Mother                        Father                         County
Akins         Dan        Golden                 2-9-1933   M   Thelma Shaw                   Troy Akins                     Garza
Anderson      Doris      Jean                  6-26-1933   F   Ethel Glods Collins           Jesse Boykin Anderson          Garza
Bargsley      Lera       Elizabeth             2-28-1933   F   Ollie Dee Moore               Henry Dorothy Bargsley         Garza
Baxter        Zula       Pearl                  2-1-1933   F   Artie Altman                  Hubert Baxter                  Garza
Beasley       Thelma     Lois                  1-26-1933   F   Helen Redditt                 Sam Beasley                    Garza
Becker        Margorie   Henrietta              7-1-1933   F   Adele Eckermann               August Joe Becker              Garza
Beene         Jaqueline                       11-15-1933   F   Lillie Mae Lair               Charles Lecil Beene            Garza
Bevers        David      Franklin              8-15-1933   M   Dezzie Mozelle Skipper        Sam S. Bevers                  Garza
Bevers        Vera       Virginia              9-30-1933   F   Lucile Gladys Metlon          Ernest V. Bevers               Garza
Blair         Billie     Wayne                10-13-1933   M   Rosie Belle Thommarson        James Albert Blair             Garza
Brock         Harold     D                      2-3-1933   M   Windell Francis Nooh          F. Douglas Brock               Garza
Buster        Cletta     Elizabeth             9-25-1933   F   Cora Maud Buster              Isaac H. Buster                Garza
Campbell      Minnie     Belle                 2-27-1933   F   Eddie Isabelle Slatter        Ray Campbell                   Garza
Carpenter     Nelda      Flo                    7-9-1933   F   Lottie Benge                  Ed F. Carpenter                Garza
Carter        Lawanda    Faye                 12-26-1933   F   Lottie Faye Connell           Jess J. Carter                 Garza
Cearley       Ralph                            10-3-1933   M   Bonnie Marie Allpin           John Cearley                   Garza
Childers      Patsy                            3-18-1933   F   Vera Elva Gilbert             Ed E. Childers                 Garza
Coleman       Beverly    Ann                   12-7-1933   F   Dolores V. Slocumb            Benjamen Coke Coleman          Garza
Cooper        Billie     Wayne                 3-24-1933   M   Nannie Bullock                Calvin Cooper                  Garza
Corbell       Gwyne                            2-11-1933   F   Jessie Cox                    Elmo Corbell                   Garza
Cowdrey       Mary       Frances Theresa       4-27-1933   F   Mary Senor                    Arch A. Cowdrey                Garza
Cravey        Barbara    Dell                   7-5-1933   F   Hester Adeline Howell         Thomas H Cravey                Garza
Crowley       Eva        Ruth                  7-14-1933   F   Geneva Pettigrew              Alan Dale Crowley              Garza
Cummings      Billie     Ray                    2-7-1933   M   Grace Truman Inkleborger      Eddie Cummings                 Garza
Cunningham    Kenneth    Ray                   9-22-1933   M   Dorothy Lorene Young          Marvin Ward Cunningham         Garza
Eason         James      Weldon                10-7-1933   M   Belle Moon                    Arthur Eason                   Garza
Edwards       Evelyn     Eugene                4-28-1933   F   Iva Mae Jinkins               John Wallace Edwards           Garza
Edwards       Billie     June                  6-29-1933   F   Viola Sanders                 Melvin Clayton Edwards         Garza
Edwards       Betty      Jo                    6-29-1933   F   Viola Sanders                 Melvin Clayton Edwards         Garza
Farrer        Thomas     Franklin              2-15-1933   M   Maxine V. Loyd                Raymond Farrer                 Garza
Fly           Linda      Jean                  2-24-1933   F   Gladys L. Mccandless          Fritz Fly                      Garza
Halley        Patsy      Ruth                  1-24-1933   F   Annie Laurie Halley                                          Garza
Haynes        Wanda      Fay                   7-21-1933   F   Ellie Irine Waite             George W Haynes                Garza
Hinson        Ross       Dean                   6-2-1933   M   Fannie Kate Graves            Cliff Hinson                   Garza
Hinson        Ross       Dean                   6-2-1933   M   Fannie Kate Groves            Cliff Hinson                   Garza
Hitt          Elmer      Horace                3-14-1933   M   Gladys Elliott                Elmer L. Hitt                  Garza
Hodge         Fern                            11-23-1933   F   Ruby Leona Biggs              William Sneed Hodge            Garza
Howell        Leotha     Ruth                  1-14-1933   F   Faye Edna Reno                Clinton Horace Howell          Garza
Huffoker      Gordon     Wayland                6-4-1933   M   Izetta Key                    Marvin G. Huffoker             Garza
Hundley       Mary       Ann                   4-25-1933   F   Arlene Maupin                 Clyde E. Hundley               Garza
Hunt          Billie     Laverne                9-5-1933   F   Lorene Cross                  Chester Hunt                   Garza
Ingle         Billy      Bob                  12-24-1933   M   Lois Mildred Pollard          Clifford Thomas Ingle          Garza
Jackson       James      Edward                6-26-1933   M   Addie Pearl Gray              Charles Alexander Jackson      Garza
Jiminez       Juanita    Delfina               3-26-1933   F   Anita Galindo                 Hilario Jiminez                Garza
Jones         Veda       Mignon                2-10-1933   F   Goldie Lea Drake              Ophia Alton Jones              Garza
Josey         William    Raoy                  2-18-1933   M   Addie Jane Young              Walter Clay Josey              Garza
Justice       Veda       Myrle                 4-30-1933   F   Rosa Lee                      Ishmael Worth Justice          Garza
Kennedy       Wayne      Lige                 10-16-1933   M   Eva Mae Richards              Pete Lige Kennedy              Garza
Kennedy       Arvel      Gene                 11-20-1933   M   Selma Lois Pennington         Jack Arvel Kennedy             Garza
Kilpatrick    Wanda      Gean                 12-24-1933   F   Virgie Pauline Bradley        Cyril Garner Kilpatrick        Garza
King          Gene       Mayo                   7-5-1933   M   Lucy May Hammett              James David King               Garza
Lane          Audrey     Juanita              10-23-1933   F   Alice Fly                     Cleburne Lane                  Garza
Lane          Alice      Juanice              10-23-1933   F   Alice Fly                     Cleburne Lane                  Garza
Light         Lester     Carroll              10-16-1933   M   Willie Adna Northcutt         Faban Ethan Light              Garza
Logan         Sam        Mock                  9-12-1933   M   Hollidee Addison              Ernest Roy Logan               Garza
Long          Verna      Dell                  6-25-1933   F   Jewell Maud Pennell           Arda Long                      Garza
Longshore     Billie     Jean                   2-3-1933   F   Lillie Cleo Davis             Bonnie Lee Longshore           Garza
Lusk          Arthur     Joy                    6-1-1933   M   Clemmie Caywood               Robert N. Lusk                 Garza
Lusk          Otho       Ray                    6-1-1933   M   Clemmie Caywood               Robert N. Lusk                 Garza
Martinez      Raymond    ,Jr                  11-28-1933   M   Barobella Orona               Raymond Martinez               Garza
Mathis        Joseph     Andrew                9-19-1933   M   Maud Galloway                 J. Harve Mathis                Garza
Maxey         Freddie    Elwood                 5-9-1933   M   Lillie Belle Mason            W. C. Maxey,Jr.                Garza
May           Joseph     Conway,Jr.           11-17-1933   M   Jennie Belle Lowe             Joseph Conway May              Garza
Mcelroy       Margie     Faye                  3-11-1933   F   Audrey Mallow                 Jasper Mcelroy                 Garza
Mcneely       Dorothy    Ruth                   7-5-1933   F   Gladys Cearly                 Frank Mcneely                  Garza
Milam         G          B                     3-15-1933   M   Eunice Velma Waldrip          Grover C. Milam                Garza
Miller        Darwin     Leon                  10-1-1933   M   Orbie Penelopia Landman       Thomas Jefferson Miller        Garza
Moore         Jimmy      Avery                  7-6-1933   M   Zelma Millie Haynes           Avery Moore,Jr                 Garza
Morgan        Philip     Roy                  10-15-1933   M   Gladys Jessie Pettigrew       Ewell Birten Morgan            Garza
Morrow        Robert     Edgar                  9-4-1933   M   Tina Claudia Mills            Leo Edgar Morrow               Garza
Odom          Billy      Glenn                 8-11-1933   M   Bertha Gossett                Earl Odom                      Garza
O'keefe       Elwanda    Jean                   3-8-1933   F   Pauline Stewart               Christopher V. O'keefe         Garza
Parrish       Alta       Faye                  3-11-1933   F   Thelma Palmer                 Joe Parrish                    Garza
Patterson     Rosenelle                        7-29-1933   F   Ora Lee Johnson               Robert Patterson               Garza
Phipps        Napoleon                        12-17-1933   M   Effie Lemuel                  Isaiah Phipps                  Garza
Pierce        Anna       Mae                  10-19-1933   F   Edna Mae Nelson               Walter F Pierce                Garza
Pippin, Jr    Frank      Weldon               01-03-1933   M   Birdie Lourendy Meeks         Frank Weldon Pippin, Sr. (Post)Garza   
Pittman       Mary       Jane                  11-8-1933   F   Gracie Loveless               Albert Pittman                 Garza
Ramirez       Maria                           12-23-1933   F   Maria Olebar                  Sam Ramirez                    Garza
Rather        Paul                            10-31-1933   M   Susie Pearl Underwood         Aubrey Venus Rather            Garza
Reyes         Louis                            1-10-1933   M   Maria Carrosco                Juan Reyes                     Garza
Richardson    Don                              8-19-1933   M   Wilma Ethel Mcneal            Buck Richardson                Garza
Richey        Wyman      Othella               3-18-1933   M   Irene Greer                   John F. Richey                 Garza
Roberts       Alvin      Clyde                 6-17-1933   M   Virginia Blankenship          C. Alvin Roberts               Garza
Roderick      Johnnie    Mae                  12-17-1933   F   Ruby Lee Webb                 W. E. Roderick                 Garza
Rosey         Donnie     Juanita               2-12-1933   F   Bessie Marie Webb             Edward E Rosey                 Garza
Schultz       Calvin                           8-27-1933   M   Pauline Rhoderick             Calvin Hy. Schultz             Garza
Shepherd      Elsie      Jane                  4-28-1933   F   Alice Estelle Mccrary         John Truman Shepherd           Garza
Sims          Jean                            11-26-1933   F   Byrdie Nelle Davis            John Tom Sims                  Garza
Sloan         George     C. Inf Of             4-13-1933   M   Leona Sikes                   George C. Sloan                Garza
Stewart       Joy                              4-22-1933   F   Ida Gossett                   Virgil Stewart                 Garza
Sullivan      Billie     Ross                  6-18-1933   M   Willie Belle Harper           June Ross Sullivan             Garza
Summers       Harold     David                  3-1-1933   M   Ruby Lee Josey                Milburn D. Summers             Garza
Terry         Jonita                            9-3-1933   F   Nona Archer                   John W. Terry                  Garza
Thomas        Carl       Wayne                 2-15-1933   M   Innis Bail                    Toliver Benjiman Thomas        Garza
Thompson      Geraldine                        4-28-1933   F   Cecil Aberta Morris           Dillard Thompson               Garza
Ticer         Billie     Joyce                 10-2-1933   F   Della Landtroop               Lawrence Oman Ticer            Garza
Tyree         Horace                           7-19-1933   M   Rebecca Betterton             Jack Tyree                     Garza
Vowell        Carrol     Wesley                1-31-1933   M   Bertha Wardlow                Marvin Vowell                  Garza
Whitley       Jack       Harlan                2-16-1933   M   Lula Ellen Creasy             James H Whitley                Garza
Whittington   Dolores    Esther                11-3-1933   F   Esther Marie Pfeiffer         John Morris Whittington        Garza
Whitworth     Richard    ,Ii                   9-23-1933   M   Donie V. Gifford              Richard Perry Whitworth        Garza
Wipp          William    Alton                 8-10-1933   M   Lula H. Horton                Lazarus J. Wipp                Garza
Wood          Coy        Wray                  7-29-1933   M   Audra Faye Blair              George Wood                    Garza