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White Oak Cemetery

Our thanks go to Christian Allen and Sharon Pierce for the headstone pictures!

Wade, Irene G
b. 4-3-1929          d. 5-20-1963 (19?3)

Walker, Edith Beatrice                 D/o J A & Carrie Walker
b. 5-4-1912          d. 11-29-1919

Walker, Eli R
b. 1-30-1869             d. 7-9-1938

Walker, Kim W          DS with Lois T
b. 3-8-1903           d. 1-7-1981

Walker, Lois T           DS with Kim W
b. 5-6-1904            d. 6-30-1989

Wall, C J "Jack"            DS with Verna P
b. 1899             d. 1968

Wall, Verna P             DS with C J
b. 1905            d. 1995

Warren, Odell W              Heritage FHM (No longer in business)
b. 1919              d. 1982

Watkins, Billy W            DS with Venedia N; US Air Force Korea
b. 6-27-1923            d. 8-1-2000

Watkins, Venedia N             DS with Billy W; only one date
b. 7-24-1918

Watson, Ellen R Corbitt                DS with Paul David; only one date
b. 1-17-1930

Watson, M Ross           DS with V Viola
b. 2-14-1893            d. 6-7-1974

Watson, Paul David               DS with Ellen R Corbitt; Pfc US Army WWII Purple Heart
b. 2-1-1919              d. 8-5-1993

Watson, V Viola           DS with M Ross
b. 2-22-1911           d. 10-10-1983

Wayt, Don Carlos               DS with Edna Alene
b. 11-11-1901             d. 5-1-1989

Wayt, Edna Alene             DS with Don Carlos
b. 2-1-1905               d. 4-13-1999

Wells, Heather Leanne
b. 1-19-1976            d. 9-2-1995

Wells, Steve Michael
b. 1950         d. 1951

Whaley, Harold A             DS with Mary Frances; only one date
b. 6-27-1925

Whaley, James Edward           TX Pfc 713 Air Materiel SQ WWII
b. 2-14-1922           d. 12-9-1965

Whaley, Mary Frances           DS with Harold A
b. 3-9-1928            d. 9-27-1996

Wheeler, James P Sr
b. 4-25-1893           d. 11-11-1962

White, Annie M            DS with Harley B; m. 2-25-1932
b. 6-19-1914            d. 5-9-1979

White, Claude Melvin           DS with Peggy Jean; only one date
b. 8-26-1923

White, Dale Morgan "Baby"
b. 10-5-1961             d. 10-8-1961

White, Harley B             DS with Annie M; m. 2-25-1932
b. 5-20-1904            d. 4-29-1989

White, Harley B Jr            TX L Cpl US Marine Corps
b. 5-28-1936            d. 10-11-1970

White, Peggy Jean               DS with Claude Melvin; only one date
b. 6-15-1923

Williams, Addie?
b. 1865            d. 1939

Williams, Charles M             DS with Edna M
b. 1900             d. 1965

Williams, Charles T
b. 12-15-1871             d. 8-29-1948

Williams, Delma Nelms Vinson                Obit; Age 80
b. 3-16-1925 Waveland, Ark            d. 1-26-2006 Houston, Tx

Williams, Edna M              DS with Charles M
b. 1897            d. 1970

Williamson, Ellen C
b. 5-8-1898          d. 10-29-1981

Williamson, Eugene
b. 4-14-1879           d. 3-19-1940

Williamson, Ida Lou              DS with Reginald Lamar; m. 9-10-1945; only one date
b. 7-12-1925

Williamson, Reginald Lamar "Rags"          DS with Ida Lou; m. 9-10-1945; COX US Navy WWII
b. 11-13-1925           d. 11-7-2001

Wilson, Howard C               TX Pvt Co C 1 Inf
b. 2-4-1921            d. 10-9-1962

Wilson, Joseph Bryan            DS with Lois J; TX Cpl US Army WWI
b. 7-24-1896           d. 6-13-1970

Wilson, Juanita
b. 1-25-1918             d. 7-24-1988

, Lois J              DS with Joseph Bryan
b. 12-8-1897          d. 5-30-1987

Wininger, Maetta
b. 1887          d. 1965

Wood, Ida Dee
b. 5-25-1894             d. 2-18-1939

Wood, Mattie Lee             DS with Tuney
b. 1-20-1916              d. 3-24-1991

Wood, Nina Fay             DS with Thomas
b. 2-24-1914          d. 12-12-1981

Wood, Thomas          DS with Nina Fay
b. 12-2-1914           d. 1-27-1995

Wood, Tuney             DS with Mattie Lee
b. 11-11-1911              d. 6-17-1982

Woodall, Geraldine Smith           only one date

Wragg, Donna Havins "Dee Dee"
b. 3-15-1923            1-17-1993

Wright, Eunice I             DS with Lonnie W; m. 8-12-1928; only one date
b. 1-14-1912

Wright, Lonnie W "Brit"           DS with Eunice I; m. 8-12-1928
b. 2-26-1910             d. 8-11-1986

Wyatt, Carol             TSgt 78 FTR Bomber Sq AF WWII
b. 3-3-1919          d. 2-24-1968

Wynn, Malcolm Lee                  obit; age 78; s/o Oscar & Ida Jane Wynn; US Navy WWII; Mason; h/o Helen Laverne
b. 7-8-1927 Austin, Tx         d. 6-21-2006 Longview, Tx


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