Historic Hebbronville’s Churches
(Over 50 Years)

I.             Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church (1898)
Originally was named San Isidro Catholic Church. The Immaculate Concepcion Catholic Church was completed in 1941 in the southern part of town. (W. Draper)
504 E. Santa Clara St.  
Tele# 361-527-3865
II.           First Baptist Church (1909)
210 W. Harald St    
Tele# 361-527-3454
III.         First United Methodist (1912)  Originally Methodist Church
207 W. Viggie St.    
Tele# 361-527-3058
IV.         Church of Christ (1926)
210 W. Harald St.     
Tele# 361-527-3456
V.           St. James Episcopal Church (1940)
112 W. North St.    
Tele# 361-527-3433
VI.         Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness (1960)
411 W. Thompson St.   
Tele# 361-527-3606
VII.       Assembly of God (1961)
811 S. Frans St.    
Tele# 361-527-4494


Written by R. J. Molina
submitted by AMTEJANO@aol.com

Amber Davidson
Jim Hogg County Coordinator

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