History in a Pecan Shell

The county was named after James Stephen Hogg, the Governor of Texas. Like Jim Wells County, the familiar Jim in lieu of James reflects the less formal attitude of Texas south of San Antonio. We are thankful it's not Jimmy Hogg.

The town dates from 1883 when the Texas Mexican Railroad built through the area. Francisco Pena was the stationmaster at the stop known as Pena. He refused to sell a right-of-way to the railroad, so they loaded the station onto a flatcar and moved it to land owned by rancher James Hebbron.

Hebbronville became the county seat with a unanimous vote of 176. Mr. Pena's reaction was not mentioned in our source.

A large hotel built by Viggo Kohler opened in 1915. It stands today but is used for county offices and the EMS. The population in 1915 was 400 persons.

During the 20s and 30s - the Mexican government had severe anti-Catholic laws and in search of sanctuary, a Franciscan Seminary moved to Hebbronville. It remains the most impressive edifice in Hebbronville, even including the courthouse. It is still owned by the Archdiocese of Guadalajara.

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