Family Names G thru K

THE LIST BELOW IS A COMPILATION OF SOME FACTS EXTRACTED FROM THE FAMILY NARRATIVES PUBLISHED IN THE FOLLOWING BOOK: theKleberg County, Texas: a Collection of Historical Sketches and Family Histories American Revolution Bicentennial Heritage Project - 1976; Kleberg County Historical Commission, 1979.
George H. Garcia born abt 1877, married 1906 Los Cuatos, King Ranch Ranch Work
Mrs. George H.Garcia (Francesca Quintanilla) 1880 Laureles Ranch Lived with Parents
Clarence C. Gerding aft 1925 Dallas, TX Plaza Hotel Mgr>
Albert Newton Godwin 1915 Collin County, Tx Railroad Shop
Don Luis & Brijida Gomez 1904, Ricardo Mexico; Shiner, Tx Fence Maker
Don Guadalupe Gonzales 1908, Ricardo NA NA
Hon. John F. & Clara A. Massey Goode 1918 Lexington, Tx Railroad Special Service
Hermann & Caroline Goodman 1920s NA Opened Caroline Beach
Herbert Gottschling 1924 Minnesota; McAllen, Tx Railroad Shops
J.L.Gregg 1918 NA Kingsville Lumber Company
Minor Reason Hall 1904 Little Rock, AR. Purchased Farm Land
James David & Vida Youngblood Hallmark 1909 Estacado, Tx Farming
Robert & Lena Amundson Hanson 1905 Norway; Wisconsin Farming
J. H. Harper 1914 NA Barber
Nick Harrel 1916 NA Drug Store
John Harrison 1910 Jacksboro, Tx Farming
Carl Christian Henny abt 1904 Netherlands; G Land Agent
Nat J. Herring 1912 Collegport, Tx Locomotive Engineer
John W. Hodges 1914 NA NA
George C.& Jane Dahlman Hoffman 1904 England;Dallas, Tx Onion and Truck Gardening
Ernest L. & Clara Hoffman abt 1910 Illinois Farming
Frank Honse 1904 Various Texas towns Water well Driller
Joe W. Horak 1919 NA Farming
Patrick Andrew Horan 1905 Louisville, KY Railroad Conductor
John Salisbury House 1905 Illinois Railroad Dispatcher
Dr. William Sanford Huffman 1904 Mississippi native Railroad Physician
Emil A. Jesse 1904 German native Farming
Frank Campbell Johnson 1911 Houston Art (Photograhic) Studio
J. O. Johnson 1909 Lincoln County, KS Farming
Dr. A.C. Jones 1927 Galveston, Tx Medical doctor
David Huske Jones 1921 Fayetteville, NC Mill Promotor
K. D. Jones 1926 Lake Charles, La House Painter/Paper Hanger
Louis Arthur Kaufer 1914 Seattle, WA Purchased A.A.Kimmel Store
Henry H. Kendall 1904 Canada; Texas Locomotive Engineer
C. A. Kennedy abt 1904 Wingo, KY Lumberyard
C. Bernard Kennedy 1913 Louisiana Bookkeeper at Wakeman Drug
A.A. Kimmels NA Kansas NA
Carolos Stevens Kirkpatrick abt 1914 Carrollton, AR Chief Railroad Engineer
A.J. Klare 1926 Orange Grove, Tx Grocery & butcher
John Thomas Knight 1904 Oklahoma Railroad Paint Shop
Theodore Frederick Koch 1904 Holland Developer-Riviera
Paul H. Korges 1919 Victoria, Tx Clerk in automobile business
Gus L. Kowalski 1913 Brownsville, Tx Kleberg County Attorney
Charles G. Kramme 1912 Liverpool, Tx Railroad Engineer
Kuntscher Family 1908 Austria; Kansas Purchased Farmland

Note: NA means - Not Available

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