Family Names Beginning with Letters: L thru P

THE LIST BELOW IS A COMPILATION OF SOME FACTS EXTRACTED FROM THE FAMILY NARRATIVES PUBLISHED IN THE FOLLOWING BOOK: theKleberg County, Texas: a Collection of Historical Sketches and Family Histories American Revolution Bicentennial Heritage Project - 1976; Kleberg County Historical Commission, 1979.
Benjamin Taylor Laws 1909 Conroe, Montgomery TX Banker
Don Francisco Leal 1908 NA NA
Christian Henry Leockle 1916 Stuttgart, Germany to Kansas to Texas Caboose Carpenter
Lydia Louise Leockle 1916 Riesel, TX Married Charles R. Cason
James Houston McClanahan 1915 Waldrip, McCullough, TX Stone Mason
T.T. McCollum abt 1910 Tulsa, OK Railroad Engineer
W. H. McCracken 1904 Illinois Secretary to pres. of St. L B & Railroad
Stan McFarland 1908 Virgina Teacher/Supt. of Public Schools
William David McNeill 1920 North Carolina Built Kingsville Cotton Mill
Lewis C. McRoberts Family 1910 Indiana Railroad Exec./Education Promotor
Marsters Family 1908 Corpus Christi, Tx Railroad engineer
Edward J & Emma Mees May 1908, Vattmann Westphalia, Tx Farming
Robert E. May 1925 Huntsville, Tx Business Mgr., STSTeachersCollege
Remer C. Mecklin 1911 Troup, Tx Printer/Reporter
Henry Miller 1906 Allentown, Pa King's Inn Owner/Builder
G. W. Mitchell abt 1905 Uvalde, Tx Dairy Farming
T. C. Moore 1904 Yoakum, TX Building/Boarding House
David C. Morgan 1913, Riviera Tyler County, Tx Farming
John Dyer Morgan 1948 Towanda, Pa Insurance Business
Jacob T. Mork 1912 Viroqua, Wisconsin Farming
Robert S. Muil 1904 NA Kingsville Lumber Yard
Dawson Richard Murchison 1927 Bastrop County, Tx Game Warden, Texas Game Fish & Oyster Commission
Cyde Nanny 1911 Oklahoma Dairy Farm
John & Mary Nanny 1910 NA Farmer
Erich and Elise Steffenhagen Neubauer 1910 Germany Dairy Farm
Martin Holt Nicholson 1913 Houston Railroad
William Niemann 1904 Hamburg, Germany Butcher
John & Ida Baker Nix 1917 Arkansas, to Hopkins co. Tx. Farming
Sarah Noel abt 1917 West Texas Teacher at Pan-Am Presbyterian/ Real Estate
J.C. Nolan 1912 NA Railroad, Master Mechanic
Nick and Eva Nolan Harrel 1916 NA Drug Store Business
Joe Norris 1909 Louisiana Railroad Conductor
Dr. J. K. Northway 1916 NA Vet, King Ranch
E.J. O'Brien NA NA Grocer
Henry & Theresa Elsik Ondrej 1914 Shiner, Tx Purchased 80 acres
Don Antonio Ortegon 1902 NA NA
B.J.Patrick 1914 born AL; Baptist Minister
Halvor Paulson 1906 Norway, Sweden, Iowa Purchase of 40 acres
Albert Paulson 1906 Iowa With father, Halvor and stepmother, Thuri Fille
Marcus Phillips 1908 born Al; Crosby County, Tx Koch Company local manager
Robert Henry Pickens 1907 Houston, Tx Railroad Conductor
Alfred Ploug, Sr. 1912 Denmark via Ellis Island Purchased 40 acres brush land
John S. Poteet early, Riviera NA Carpenter on Hotel
Ross F. & Lula (Nanny) Preuit 1913 West Texas Farmer
Price 1910 Pine Bluff, AR Barber
Louis & Francis Macca Pustejovsky 1922 Groveton, Tx Farmer

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