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KINGSVILLE RAILROAD DEPOT Kleberg Avenue, Kingsville Erected in 1904 of locally made adobe brick.
URIAH LOTT In front of Missouri-Pacific RR Depot on Kleberg Ave Merchant, Banker, builder of Railroads to the Rio Grande
ENGLISHMEN IN SOUTH TEXAS, 1568 South Texas coast Three Englishmen crossed this area walking from Vera Cruz to Nova Scotia in the year 1658.
INDIAN BURIAL GROUND US 77, in Parkway, Riviera, Texas Burial site of Karankawa Indians; Dietz Archeological Site
FEDERAL RAID FROM CAMP BOVEDA US 77, 1 mile N Riviera Federal Troops Raid King Ranch, searching for Capt. Richard King
GEN. ZACHRY TAYLOR CAMP SITE, 1846 US 77 near Riviera Approximate battle road of U.S. Army heading for Mexico, 1845
1766 EXPLORATION OF DIEGO ORTIZ PARRILLA US 77, 4.5 mi N at roadside park, Riviera, Texas Expedition from Spain to provide information of the Texas coast
FIRST PRODUCING GAS WELL IN COUNTY US 77, 3.3 miles E of Kingsville 1912, Gas discovered by Frank Honse while drilling for water on Oscar Rosse farm. Oil & gas production began on this farm by 1920
C.V. CAMP KINGSVILLE, U.S.A. SH 141, at FM 1898 Kingsville Memorial to Lt. Joseph Dorst Patch who established the camp for the U.S. Army during border troubles with Mexico.
MEXICAN ACTIVITIES AT SANTA GERTRUDIS IN THE 1830'S SH 141, 1.4 miles W of Kingsville at park area Campsite important to Mexico's relations with early Texas
KLEBERG COUNTY SH 141, 1.2 miles west of Kingsville Formed from Nueces County, created February 27, 1913, organized Jun 27, 1913
KING RANCH C.S.A. SH 141 W,across from entrance to King Ranch Major south Texas way-station on cotton road; founded by Richard King
HIDE AND TALLOW PLANT SH 141, 5.5 miles W of Kingsville Business founded by Richard King; salvaged by-products from the culled animals; hides for leather; tallow as a soap ingredient
HISTORIC CATTLE DIPPING VAT US 77, near Missouri-Pacific RR and Caesar Pens Built in 1894 this vat was built to stop the spread of tick fever in the cattle; ended the need for quarantines
CAMP SAN FERNANDO U.S. 77, 3 miles N of Kingsville Confederate military post guarded the cotton road, the export-import route from Sabine River out of Texas

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