Malvern Community


Buffalo Express March 26, 2003
Taken from "The Flo News" Written by Norma Moore

    The Malvern Community was established in 1879 and is located on Hwy. 7 near the Nineveh Settlement.  Malvern at its establishment was named Hardin's Store, after the Augustine Hardin family, who were the first pioneer immigrants.  Upon arrival of other settlers who had moved into the new country, the community seeing a need for a township to satisfy their living conditions within their own territory, combined their farm lifestyle with a store.  Augustine Hardin was owner and operator of a post office and David McLin was Postmaster in the 1900's.

    The Hardin family moved elsewhere.  The Elijah Reinhardt family, the James Stringer Families as leaders of the Community renamed their settlement as Malvern.  At this time the Post office and a church was the mainstay.

    James Stringer and Elijah Reinhardt were Post Masters, then Mary Reinhardt was Post Mistress.  Other established families of Malvern were the Edward Spencer, William Ellis, Mabel Tilly, Ruby Martin, Frank Sperry, and Forrest Jones Families.  They, their ancestors and new settlers with pride claim Malvern as the best home place of Leon County.  It is told that it is the home  of many fine folks today.

    The church is their community dwelling place, families gathering for church worship, family gatherings, important community affairs and at one time it was the election place of the area.  The citizens standing proud of their Malvern community since the pioneer days, has developed into a more modern township.  Yet they as a people with love of the good earth nature and neighborly foundation, continues on with their friendly home town country manner bringing a reward of success and warm hospitality to our Leon County.

    The Malvern Leon County Community is so rich of documented history.