Taken from an article "The Flo News" written by Norma Moore in the Buffalo Express newspaper     

April 30, 2003
       The Middleton Leon County Settlement established in 1844.  It being named for W. Middleton who with his father W. D. and his two brothers Benoni and Thomas Middleton immigrated to the new founded Leon County in search of farm land at reasonable prices.
        They being the first pioneer settlers of the new Texas land W. B. and establishing a general store being popular with the other settlers who soon made Middleton their new home, was reason the township was named for W. B. Middleton.  The town Middleton at its beginning was farmland and the Middleton general store which supplied the few settlers feed, farm and see items that was needed.
        The Middletons, James Riley, Philpot Easton, Howell Hinton, Christopher Staley, Baxten King and the Byrns families all as the first settlers found hardships with the Indians who were the previous owners of this Leon County Land.  They suffered from raids stealing of their livestock produce and other items.  Families built Fort Boggy for protection from the Indians.
        After the Indian uprising was partially conquered General Sam Houston called for troops to fight the invading Mexican Army who intended to take Texas.  These Middleton settlers were thrown into another hardship.  W. B. and Benoni Middleton and Baxton King joined with General Sam Houston of Mexican War.  All three of these men with other soldiers were captured by the Mexicans Benoni losing his life, W. B. and Baxton lived to come back home to Middleton.
          W. B. Middleton was the first Sheriff of Leon County, he served two terms.  A Post Office was established in Middleton, Sampson Holleman was the first Post Master.  Other Post Masters were John Marshall, W. B. Middleton, Wiley Davis, Eugene Houston, William Faucett, Mrs. Tippie Adams, Mrs. Jennie Coleman, and Mrs. Frankie Moore.
        The post office closed in 1954.  Other businesses of Middleton were a Brick Kiln Mill, and Ice House, a Saloon, a Blacksmith shop, Garage, a canning house, two cotton gins, owned by Coy and Bob, and D. C. McCoy. W. C. Adams was the Justice of the Peace, Oscar Davis was the Constable.  After the Middleton Store was owned and operated by C. F. Thompson and his brother then the Dewitt Coleman family were owners operators of the Middleton Store for many years.  The Coleman family served some delicious barbecue that was bought from the local people and the many visitors who found their way to the Middleton Store.  The Dewitt Coleman Family are descendants of the Benjamin Coleman Family.

May 14, 2003
        The Middleton, Leon County Settlement was established in 1844. It was one of our earliest settlements located in the southeast section and was named for W. B. Middleton.  He was the owner, operator of the first Mercantile store of the community and he was an important homesteader who provided a business opportunity.  He was a brave soldier of the Texas, Mexican War, the first sheriff of Leon County, a gentleman who as a citizen gave time and money for the betterment of our Leon County people.  It seems the title of Middleton was most worthy of W. B.'s name.
        Middleton since its beginning had been known for its fertile farm land.  At first the farmers rich supply of cotton and corn crops provided our county with resourceful market which brought recognition and wealth and through the years Middleton has been recognized for the bounty of a variety of vegetables, for its lush pasture land, for horses, cattle.  The sweet delicious watermelons are sought by our local people and by visitors and still today their sweet ears of corn are sought after all these years.
        1892-1893 were the best for Middleton.  It was populated with different well organized businesses, a church, a post office, a saloon and two cotton gins was a busy thriving community.
        Middleton never had a proper school system, yet Clint Adams a teacher of the community made provisions to teach the children in a small house that was located behind the community church which was not built until 1939.  Worship services  prior to this were held at Jeff McCoy's garage.  The Jeff McCoy family being longtime settlers, had been and are vital of great success and prosperity.  Clint Adams was a concerned teacher who taught his students the basic reading, writing, math and spelling academic.  He often spent time in their homes for more teaching lessons.  Middleton's population dwindled during WWII, yet ancestors of the first settlers have remained and today other ancestors have returned and other families are finding Middleton to be the proper place for their new home.  All agree Middleton is the home of warm-hearted people who love God and care for each other.