Correction to History Book


Correction to the History Book

This was submitted by James Coston:

"This is something different, a bit of history that is wrong in the books but can't be corrected at this late date."

"The History books record 126 men leaving Leon County to fight in the Civil War.  At the surrender of the troops with General Lee, the records say only 10 men survived from Leon County, those were the 10 men who were THERE.  Not true: my grandfather, James F. Coston and his brother Doyle O'hanlon Coston were pardoned early to return to Leon County to visit their mother at her deathbed.  I have copies of the confederate pay receipts to verify their departure from the ranks.  Had they hung around then their names would appear on the official record.  I think it's quite an achievement that out of 126 men, 12 survived and of those 12, 2 were brothers.  Anyway, they both left Leon County in 1868 when their father's estate was settled.  J. F. went to Titus County (where my father and I were born) and Doyle moved on to Matagorda County, TX..I am probably the only living person that you might meet in the future that can honestly say 'my grandfather served in the Civil War'.  I tell people that and they try to correct me to great-grandfather.  I am a generation late because both father and grandfather had their sons when they were in their late 50's.  Oh well, enough of that, I just thought adding their name to the list of known Confederates would be a fitting tribute.As to Captain Whaley, I corresponded with a relative of his years ago.  I made a trek along the battlefields that the pay receipts placed J.F. and along the way, I looked for the marker for Whaley's gravesite, never located it. If anyone knows of this marker location please let me know."

James Coston