Thomas Dozell/Dezell


From the Buffalo Express May 14, 2003
 taken from "The Flo News" written by Norma Moore

          The Thomas Dozell (I believe this should be Dezell) of our Keechi, Centerville, and Redland Communities had six sons serving John Tate, a private of Gould's Battalion, until he was promoted to 5th Sergeant.  His company fought in the Mansfield Jenkins Hill, Pleasant Hill battles.  John Tate was a valiant hero.  He was discharged upon a severe wound.  John returned to Leon County lived a long productive life of personal gain and a leader of Leon County success.
          Thomas and Ira Dozell enlisted in the Siege of Vicksburg and Mississippi Battles.  They both suffered hardships of hunger, cold, disease, and then both were captured as prisoners of War by Grants Army.  They suffered many more hardships.  After the war ended, they returned to Leon County, lived long lives were devoted to patriotic programs of memorable heritage of the southern cause.  They wished they had a second chance of fighting, they regretted being captured, and taken away from the battles.
          Zela Dozell served in the Hood Texas Brigade and suffered hardships of diseases.  He received a severe wound at the Gaines Mill Battle.  Zela was promoted to Sergeant and died at the battle of Gettysburg while trying to take Little Round Top.  Zela was buried near where he was killed.  Zela, a true confederate Hero was recognized as and Honorable Soldier bring glory to the Texas Southern States.
          Egbert suffered from diseases of chills, fever, enemy bullets, and much hunger.  He served in the Gaines Mill, Second Manasses, Siege of Knoxville Battles of the Hood Brigade and it's believed Egbert joined other Texas Brigades  fighting in many other battles.  He returned to Leon County and died while recovering from his wounds while on leave.
          Egbert, a Confederate Hero was known as a brave soldier of Hoods Brigade who fought for love and freedom rights of the south.
          William Dozell, the sixth son joined the Texas Wauls Legion.  He served in the Siege of the Vicksburg, Mississippi, Texas battles and while in battle of Holly Springs, Arkansas, William died.  He was buried near where he was killed.  William as a Confederate Hero, with triumph fought a good fight for his beloved Texas and his Co Southern States.
          The Thomas, Nancy Dozell family all were in the southern Leon County war and the hardships of farm life, trying to provide for his other family members.  Thomas died soon after the war began.  Nancy then carrying on for her family at home and suffering at the hands of war, losing sons and watching three surviving sons suffer from wounds and depression died young.  The Thomas Dozell Leon County Confederate family are true heroes for our freedom.