Daniel Pate


From the Buffalo Express May 21, 2003
taken from "The Flo News" written by Norma Moore

The Daniel Pate Family of Flo, earliest settlers, sent their sons.

Richmond served in Company E, First Battalion of Infantry Waul's Texas Legion of the Leon Hunters.  Richmond was in the battles of Vicksburg, he returned to Flo, was most important of bringing great success of wealth and development, his land today is owned by his ancestors and they are important as land owners and business construction of Flo, Leon County.

Son William Pate joined one of the first Texas Regiments of Centerville and marched to Virginia and fought in several battles.  He returned to Flo, was a successful farmer and landowner.

It is believed the Daniel Pate Family had another son to serve and a son-in-law.