Second TX(Arizona Brig) Cavalry


Contributed by Robert Allen, Sept 29, 2007
His Great grandfather, C. Y. Allen, served in E. Company Baylor's Regiment. C. Y. Allen is buried in Carrington Pasture Cemetery near Leona with a CSA Marker.

Second Texas (Arizona Brigade) Cavalry

          The Second Texas (Arizona Brigade) Cavalry was organized by the consolidation of two battalions created to serve with Sibley in his invasion of the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico.  These two battalions, the second Texas Cavalry Battalion and Mullen's Texas Cavalry Battalion, had been mustered into Confederate service only a few weeks before their  consolidation.  After the consolidation, the unit was still short companies to constitute a regiment and a number of additional men were recruited in and around San Antonio to bring the unit up to strength.
          Information of five of the regiment's companies has been located.  This material appears below.

                            "B"    nicknamed the German company; most men from San Antonio; almost all members were German speaking
                            "D"    men from Leon County
                            "E"    nicknamed the Texas Rangers; most men had seen prior service in the Texas Rangers
                            "F"    nicknamed the Texas Mounted Riflemen
                            "H"    nicknamed the Texas Mounted Rifles

          In the beginning of 1862, two companies were attached to the regiment.  These two companies - Coopwood's Texas Cavalry Company (q.v.) and the Arizona Guards Cavalry Company - served with the unit at least through the middle of 1862.  The latter of these two companies was composed entirely of men from the Arizona Territory

           As was the case with almost all Civil War units, the Second Texas (Arizona Brigade) Cavalry was frequently known by an alternate designation derived from the name of its commanding officer.  Names of this type identified as having been used by or for the regiment are listed below

George W. Baylor's Cavalry
Sherod Hunter's Cavalry
John W. Mullen's Cavalry
D. C. Carrington's Cavalry

          The regiment served in the Trans-Mississippi Department throughout its career.  Listed below are the specific higher command assignments of the regiment. 

Jan 1, 1862                    Attached, Army of New Mexico
April 23, 1863                Cavalry, Eastern Sub-District of Texas, District of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, Trans Mississippi Department
Dec 31, 1863                 First Brigade, First Division, Western Sub-District, D strict of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Trans-Mississippi Dept.
Jan 31, 1864                  Cavalry, Virginia Point, Eastern Sub-District, District of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, Trans-Mississippi Department
Sept 30, 1864                Second Texas Cavalry Brigade, First Texas Cavalry Division, Second Corps, Army of Trans-Mississippi

           The Second Texas (Arizona Brigade) Cavalry participated in more than thirty various type engagements during its career.  The list below identifies these.  Numbers following the events locate them on the map after this history

(1)  Engagement, Valverde, N. M. Terr.                                                                                     Feb 21, 1862
(2)  Skirmish, Apache Canon, Near Santa Fe, N. M. Terr                                                       March 26, 1862
(3)  Engagement, Glorietta (Pigeon Ranch), N. M. Terr.                                                          March 28, 1862
(4)  Skirmish near Fort Craig, N. M. Terr. (detachment)                                                          May 23, 1862
(5)  Skirmish, Des Allemands, LA (detachment)                                                                      Sept 9, 1862
(6)  Engagement, Galveston, Tex. (detachment)                                                                      Jan 1, 1863
       Skirmish, Jackson's Cross Roads, La                                                                               June 20, 1863
(7)  Skirmish, Vidalia, La                                                                                                            Sept  14, 1863
       Skirmish, Cross Bayou, La                                                                                                  Sept 14, 1863
       Capaign in Western LA and Operations in The Teche Country                                      Oct 3 - Nov 30, 1863
       Skirmish, Los Patricios, Texas (detachment)                                                                    Mar 13, 1864
       Operations against Banks' Red River, Campaign                                                            Mar 13 - May 22, 1864
(8)  Engagement, Wilson's Farm                                                                                                Apr 7, 1864      
(9)  near Pleasant Hill La.                                                                                                            April 8, & 9th 1864
(10)Skirmish, Bayou de Paul (Carroll's Mills)                                                                            April 8, 1864
(11)Battle, Sabine Cross Roads                                                                                                April 8, 1864
(12) Mansfield                                                                                                                               April 8, 1864
(13)Skirmish, Cloutiersville, La                                                                                                   April 23 - 24, 1864
(14)Skirmish, Alexandria, La                                                                                                       April 27 - 29, 1864; May 13, 1864
       Skirmish, David's Ferry La                                                                                                   May 3, 1864
       Action, Graham's Plantation, La                                                                                          May 5, 1864
       Skirmish, Bayou LaMourie, La                                                                                            May 6, 1864
(15)Operations against the Retreat from Alexandria to Morganza, La                                  May 13 - 20, 1864
(16)Engagement, Yellow Bayou, Bayou de Glaze Norwood's Plantation (Old Oaks) La      May 18, 1864
       Action, Steamer "City Belle", La                                                                                          May 30, 1864
(17)Affair, Eagle Pass, Tex. (detachment)                                                                                 June 19, 1864
(18)Skirmish, Rancho Las rinas, Tex. (detachment)                                                                 June 25, 1864
(19)Skirmish, Palmetto Ranch near Brazos Santiago, Tex.                                                     Sept 6, 1864
(20)Skirmish, Bocca Chico Pass, Tex                                                                                        Oct 14, 1864
(6)  Surrender, Galveston, Tex                                                                                                      June 2, 1865

          The Second Texas (Arizona Brigade) Cavalry was included among the Confederate Trans-Mississippi troops surrendered at Galveston  in early June, 1865.  The unit probably ceased to exist by that time, however.  The regiment was reported stationed near Houston in April 1865, and it probably disbanded there in May when the news of the surrender of eastern Confederate forces reached the Trans-Mississippi Department.

Second Texas Cavalry