George Washington Smith


From the Buffalo Express April 30, 2003
taken from "The Flo News" written by Norma Moore

George Washington Smith born in Tennessee in 1838, came to Leon County in 1850 with his father and mother, Hiram and Martha Smith and his brothers and sisters settling in the Liberty, Corinth Communities.
        George, a strong believer of the southern freedoms and with strong loyalty, he enlisted as a Confederate soldier in 1861 in Centerville, TX serving in company D 26th Texas Regiment Calvary, Col. De  Brays Regiment, he being enrolled in Galveston, Texas.  He with his company fought in the Battles of Mansfield Pleasant Hill Louisiana and Jenkins Perry.  He serving with Doctor W. D. Wood as Captain and R. W. Patrick, John Polk and G. M. Webb as Lieutenants, George's letter he wrote to his sister, Manerva, while he was serving in the Confederate war is a Texas and family treasure.
George's letter;
            "Dear Sister
                It is with great gratification that I embrace the present opportunity of addressing you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hoping that these few lines may find you and all well and I have nothing of importance to write to you as I have written several letters and have not had a letter from home since I left.  It is lonesome down here away from home.
                Tell father that I want him to buy J. J. Garlan's (Garland's) five shooter if he can get it for  $30 and give him my note and send it to me by the first safe chance that he can get for have sold my five shooter for needs I have here and tell Mister Garlans that I will pay him the first day.  We will be paid off the first of September for six months if we survive.  We are expecting to move to Hempstead or near there or Spring Creek.
                If Isaiah, my brother gets a certificate tell him I want him to write to me as soon as this comes to hand and tell father to be shore and buy that pistol for me.  Angeline, my sister I have the prettiest little pet that I ever saw.  I caught him yesterday, a ground squirrel or a prairie dog.  (I wish you had him).  Tell Mary that I want her to write me as soon as this comes to hand and will answer immediately.  I want to come home Christmas so bad and see all of you.  I will bring my letter to a close so nothing more at present, but remember your affectionate brother until death."
        George Washington Smith received an honorable discharge in 1865.  He had to find his own way home walking.  He with tattered clothes, shoes with holes and he shaggy looking, hungry made the trip without anyone wanting to help him.  George missed Christmas at home during the war and it is told that he went out of his way to gather all family members  and relatives to be gathered together every Christmas Holiday after the war was over and he would be in preparation of the Christmas Feast for weeks to have a bounty of meats, vegetables, fruits, and many other treats.
        George lived a productive life, bringing important wealth.  He a successful farmer, helped to establish advanced farming programs of the cotton market.  He owned and operated a one horse drawn cotton gin, which would gin a bale of cotton a day.  George, a well thought of gentleman was appointed school trustee of the Liberty School and he known as a devoted family and community man served any way he could for the betterment of his community and his county to have more modern higher standard life style of family, Christian, and business ways.  George a Patriotic Confederate soldier all of his life helped to establish organized south aide programs and southern memorable historic confederate sites to be honored with regular memorial services.
        George Washington Smith married Caroline Beck and they had six children.  All were outstanding citizens of the Liberty, Corinth communities.  George's ancestors still own the Smith land that has been in the Smith name since the 1850's all being proud of their Leon County heritage.
        George is buried at the Liberty Cemetery, he being recognized as a Confederate hero