Calvin Ward


     CALVIN WARD was born in Bladen Co., North Carolina, on 9 August 1828, son of William Ward & Catherine "Clarisy" Baker.

     Calvin served as 3rd Sergeant in Co. B, 18th North Carolina Infantry which was attached to General "Stonewall" Jackson's Army of Virginia. Calvin fought in numerous engagements; including the Battle of Hanover Courthouse, Virginia, the Battle of Chancellorsville, the Battle of Fredricksburg, and then at Gettysburg.

     On July 1, 1863, in the first day of fighting at Gettysburg, Calvin Ward's regiment was engaged on the right flank.

     On the second day of fighting, his company was moved to the rear to rest.

     Then on the third day Calvin and his comrades in the 18th NC Regiment were ordered to form in the woods on the extreme left under the command of General Trimble. As the day unfolded Calvin and the 18th found themselves preparing for a frontal assault on the Union forces sitting atop Cemetery Ridge.

     Today, we remember this event as "Pickett's Charge." As the Confederate forces came out of the treeline and formed for battle, the 18th NC was placed in the second wave on the extreme left flank. As the battle unfolded the 18th NC found itself within 80 yards of the Union lines when it suddenly received heavy fire upon its left flank causing extreme damage. Many members of the 18th NC fell wounded or dead; including Calvin Ward who had suffered a gunshot to his left leg. He was able to successfully make it back to Confederate lines, and within a day or so was transported South to the Army/Navy Hospital at Wilmington, NC.

     After his recovery, Calvin, due to his damaged left, was no longer considered fit for combat duty; thus, he was assigned to recruiting duties at Elizabethtown.

     In the final year of the war, Calvin was assigned to track down deserters.

     After the war Calvin returned to Bladen County and married Clara Jane Pait, daughter of James Pait & Milbry Hester. Circa 1871, Calvin and Clara Jane migrated to Leon County, Texas, and settled on Boggy Creek. He died on 30 December 1916 and was buried next to his wife in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

Submitted by:
Ernie Wentrcek
Bryan, Texas