How to Save Our Cemeteries


For some time now I have been troubled by seeing cemeteries that are unkept and in danger of being lost. After receiving the following email I decided to see if someone could help and give some pointers on this. If others out there are concerned about a cemetery please email me and I will post it here.  Let's help each other preserve our cemeteries!


Cooper Cemetery: It is on CR.270 off of CR. 212. I have a Great-Grandmother buried there. She has an unmarked grave there. My Grandmother always told us that there was a cedar tree plant at the head. So, my Mother, Aunt, a cousin & myself went over there bout 2 months. We found the biggest cedar stump there, so we are going to order a mark for her. Her name is Elizabeth Castleberry Baker.1823-1900.
Also one of her sons married a Mary Jane Cooper, so I think the Coopers buried there maybe my kin also.
The cemetery is in unbelievable BAD shape. There is trees growing up though the graves, markers has been broken. My family plans on going back when it cools off. My name is Rendia Dixon, my Grandmother was Bessie Baker Owen.