Auntie Kate


Submitted by Joan Rose, Nov. 22, 1998

Surnames: Sharp, Bennett, Wilkinson

From photocopies of old Bible that Auntie Katie's youngest daughter of Thomas and Ann Sharp, had for many years. don't know where it is now - there have been so many deaths of older members of the family. My uncle Leo Lyons made photocopies of the Bible about 30 years ago, and that is what I show here.

Entries were on three pages, written in wavering handwriting, not all alike.

On page one, copied word for word, under Family Record -- Births

(Some of this could be my grandmothers writing, but it may be older than that. My grandmother was Annie K. Sharp Wilkinson) (The children listed are sons and daughters of Thomas and Ann Anderson Bennett Sharp.)

Thomas Edgar was born December 18th, 1866
Ezekiel Spencer born December 21st 1868
John Henderson was born Sept. 9th 1870
James Franklin was born Dec. 12th 1872
Annie K (looks like perhaps an erasure) was born Dec. 19th, 1874
William Zachry was born Jan. 19th, 1877
Katy was born Feb. (blotch) 1879
And in dissimilar handwriting, this notation, "29 in the last record is marked out and 18 inserted by way of

In second column, in pen with much finer point:
TH Sharp was born Feb. 9, 1840
Ann T Sharp was born March 17, 1843

On Page 2 Marriages
TH Sharp and Ann T. Bennett(e) was (sic) married December the 24th A.D. 1865
Annie Sharp and J.W. Wilkinson June 25, 1893
Ezekiel Spencer Sharp and Minnie Rutherford June 12, 1895
Mary Ann Bennett(e) J.C. .Anglin October 16, 1873
William Laura Bennett(e) and W. R. Anglin September 15, 1875

On third page of Family Record, Deaths
(Handwritten at top - The Sharps family)

Ann T Sharp died Jan. 11, 1881
Thomas Edgar March 28, 1902
James Franklin June 28, 1913
Thomas HB July 1, 1917

Mary Ann Anglin August 18, 1928

On page 4 are births again
Children of J.W. and A.K. Wilkinson.
Nellie Irene, Mrch 12, 1894
Stella Beatrice, July 17, 1898
Laura Bernice, April 20, 1897
Mary Lilian, March 5, 1900
Willie May, April 17, 1902
Eva, May 16, 1904
James Foster, March 21, 1906
Thomas Joseph, March 12, 1908
Johnnie Lucille, Aug. 18, 1910
W.Z., April 24, 1913
Majane, April 7, 1918

Also listed are the two daughters of Ann Anderson Bennett Sharp
Mary Ann Bennette was born Sept. 8, 1860
William Laura Bennette was born July 15, 1862

Children of E.S. and M.J. Sharp
James Calvin, June, 1876
William Thomas, Sept. 23, 1898
Mary Jewel, Feb. 28, 1900
Wayne, Aug. 25, 1902
Leila Alice, June 19, 1906