Eliza Berryhill Posey Family Bible


Submitted by: David W. Morgan, Sep 17, 1998

Surnames: Berryhill, Posey, Deacle, Mayfield, Allen, Barber, Hughes,Jones, Murphy, Oswalt, Stinson,
Wallace, Barlow

Eliza Berryhill Posey Family Bible Printed 1853

(I have not seen the original Bible and do not know who has it. This record is from a typed copy sent to me by Hugh K. Higgins, Jr)


Thomas S. Berryhill Was born December 7th 1782
Sarah Deacle was born July 3rd A.D. 1784
William U. Mayfield was born Sept 15th 1866
Mary Jane Allen was born the 28th Day of Aug 1868
M. A. Posey was born Sept the 11th 1866
A. W. Posey was born the Feb. th 7th 1869
R. A. Posey was born the June 21st 1871
J. M. Posey and Virginia Ann was married Sept 6th 1866
J. M. Allen and E. H. Posey was married Nov 7th 1867
Benjamin Posey was born Sept 10th 1806
Eliza Posey was born July 17th A.D. 1807
Sarah A. Posey was born May 10th A.D. 1825
Thomas B. Posey was born Sept 14th A.D. 1826
P. Jane Posey was born August 13th A.D. 1828
B. B. Posey was born December 9th A.D. 1829
John D. Posey was born May 2nd A.D. 1831
Martha A. Posey was born Oct 3rd A.D. 1832
Narcissa Posey was born August 2nd A.D. 1834
Uriah Posey was born Feby 6th A.D. 1836
Nancy G. Posey was born Augst 29th 1837
Eli Posey was born March 20th A.D. 1839
T. Elizabeth Posey was born January 31st 1841
James M. Posey was born June 30th A.D. 1842
George W. Posey was born Sept 6th A.D. 1844
Wm. A.J. Posey was born June 16th 1846
Eliza H. Posey was born Oct 9th 1849


Sila H. Barber and Sarah A. Posey was married Dec'r 6th A.D. 1846
Thomas B. Posey and Hulda E. Hughes was married Oct. 11th A.D. 1849
John D. Posey and Catherine Jones was married A.D. 1852
Benjamin B. Posey and Malinda C. Murphy was married December 26th A.D. 1853
Thomas S. Berryhill and Sarah Deacle was married Oct 25th A.D. 1804
C. D. Oswalt and Nancy G. Posey was married the 18th day July 1859
Jack Mayfield and Martha ? Posey was married (month unreadable) 25th 1859
John Stinson and T. E. Posey was married January? 18th 1864?
Eli Posey and Mary? ? was married Sept 19th 1859
Wm. ? J. Posey and E.E. Wallace was married July 18th 1865
Uriah Posey and M. E. Barlow was married (no date written in)
J. M. Posey and V. A. C. Allen was married Sept th 6th A.D. 1866


Narcissa Posey departed this life Sept 22 A.D. 1834
Sarah Berryhill departed this life Oct 23rd 1843
George W. Posey departed this life May 11th 1863
Benjamin B. Posey departed this life August 18th 1864
Eliza Frances Barber departed this life June 3rd 1867
Nancy G. Oswalt departed this life July 26th 1867
C. D. Oswalt departed this life Aug 5th 1859
Sarah A. Barber departed this life Jan 28th 1868
J. M. Posey departed this life Jane 25th 1870
Eliza E. Posey departed this life Oct 31st 1866

Thomas S. Berryhill departed this life
(date never written in)

[Thomas S. Berryhill and Sarah Deacle were my 4th gr-grandparents. Eliza Berryhill and Benjamin Posey were my 3rd gr-grandparents. Sarah Ann Posey and Silas H. Barber were my great-great grandparents.]