Bill of Sale for Talitha


Bill of Sale for Talitha - Deed Book, Page E/281 Freestone Texas Courthouse

William Townsend
& Sarah Townsend
Bill of Sale
To Angeline C. Smith
The State of Texas .
Limestone County

Know all men by these presents that we William Towsend and Sara Townsend, his wife of the county and state aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of Five hundred Dollars to us in hand said the Receipt whereof is here by acknowledged have this day bargained and sold and by these prsents sell transfer and convey to Angeline C. Smith wife of R R Smith of said county a certain negro woman named Talitha of yellow colour aged about thirty four years to have and to hold to he the said Angeline C Smith her heirs and afsigns forever we covenant with said Angeline C. Smith that we are lawfully seized of said property and that the is unincumbored and we do hereby arrant said Negro to be sound healhy sensible and a slave for Life Witness our hands and seals scrolls used for seals this April the 25th AD 1850 The words interlined wife of RR Smith inserted before signing
William X Townsend seal
Sarah X Townsend seal
The state of Texas
Limestone County
court of said county
personally Appeared sarah Townsend Before me RR Smith clerk of the county this day came and William Townsend his wife both to me well know and whose names appears to the above and foregoing Bill of sale to Angeline C Smith as makers thereof and the said William Townsend acknowledged. his signature to the same for the purposes and considers times? therein contained (By makeing his mark, and the said Sarah Townsend wife of the said William (Townsend) as aforesaid haveing been Examined by me privately and a part prove her husband and haveing the same fully Explained to her acknowledge the same to be her act and Deed by makeing her mark that she did not wish to retract it
Intestimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal of office at office in Springfield April the 2th AD 1850 RR Smith Clk C,C,L,C,

The State of Texas
Limestone County

I RR Smith clerk of the county court of said county hereby certiy that the foregoing and within Bill of sale with the probate thereof was filed for Record April 25th 1850 and was Recorded April 25 1852 in Book B Pages 450
given under my hand and seal Offficial Apil the 22 AD 1852 RR Smith clk C,C,L,C,

The State of Texas
County of Freestone
I Emanuel Clements clk of the county court of said county hereby certify that the foregoing and Bill of sale was filed fore Record May the 27th 1852 and was duly Recorded and I do further certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original filed in my office in the 27th day of May 1852
To testify I have unto set my hand this the 1st day of July AD 1852 at 2 Oclock P.m.
Emanuel Clements
Clk C,C,F,C,