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Surname Husband's Name Wife's Name Submitter
ALLEN John Franklin Margaret Love (FENNEL) Charles Rush
AMAN John Malinda Elizabeth (WRIGHT) JoAnn Smalling
BECK William Arlanda Luda Virginia (ALLEN) Bette Jane (Massey) Beck
BEST Benjamin Nicholas Julia Ann (McLAUGHLIN) Linda Noble Murphy
BRIGGS Willis Harvey Zillie Arcadia (STANFORD) Linda York-Hudson
CANTRELL Daniel Lafayette Eula Ophelia (JONES) Norman C. May
CHOATE David Bartlett Polly Ann (JUDSON) Marian J. (Bryson) McGOWEN
DAUGHTREY/TERY/TRY William Thomas Mary Emmaline (TREVATHAN) Shirley Chandler
DEMPSEY Ilma Henry Annice (STRICKLIN) Judie Bumpers
EASTERLING John A. Annie Josephine (KENNEDY) Anonymous
FRANKLIN Charlie Ida (SMITH) Alice
FRANKLIN Charlie Maggie (MADDOX) Alice
GRAY   Mary (MILLER) J. M. Sanders
GRIGGS William Leonidas Catherine Eglantine (PEEPLES) Carolyn Whaley Vosburg
HAMMOND William Rayform Eliza C. (SPENCER) Timothy Henry
HIGHTOWER John Quitman Virginia Ann "Virgie" (OLDHAM) Calvin Lon "Cal" Crowley
HUDSON Donald Lee Linda Ruth (YORK) Linda York-Hudson
HUNTSMAN James Wesley Silvia Ann (SMITH) Chester Griffin
HYDEN Alexander Wilmoth Jane (SPARKS) Gentry Rhonda (Hyden) Morton
JONES Thomas Abson Janey Belle (UNKNOWN) Brenda Jeffrey
MASSEY Emmett James Bertha Pauline (RUDASILL) Bette Jane (Massey) Beck
MILLER A. T. Nancy (LEE) J. M. Sanders
MILLER Bradley, Sr. Martha Jane (WEEKS) J. M. Sanders
MILLER Bradley, Jr. Vernon (TEBO) J. M. Sanders
MILLER Hennie Barbara (MILLS J. M. Sanders
MILLER Herman Nell (VAN DYKE) J. M. Sanders
MILLER James Franklin Lillie (SELLERS) J. M. Sanders
MITCHELL William Holland Susie Lou (JONES) Brenda Jeffrey
MUNCY William Levi Eliza Ann (WITTY) Wanda Gant
OUZTS Dr. Benjamin Franklin Alice Medora (INGRAM) H. C. Ouzts
PRICE Jesse Leonard Della Jane (BRADSHAW) Joy Budde
PRUITT John Artemessia "May" (SHAW) Mike Pruitt
REEDY John Willis Lona Lee (MILLER) J. M. Sanders
REEVES William Bence Mary Ellen (HOLLAND Kevin A. Welsh
SANDERS William E. Margarette Aretta (WILL) Joyce Helloms
SIMS Wiley Wilson "Bunk" Mary Emaline (Summers) Anonymous
SIMS Wiley Wilson, Sr. Luvinia (REDDOCK) Anonymous
WARE William Ira Louisa J. (PRUITT) Mike Pruitt
WESTBROOK William J. Georgia Allie (SANDERS) Kelli O'Hara
WILLIAMS Jeff Davis May Ella (KEMPER) Mary Ann Williams