Memoirs of Arnold B. Parish


This 84-page unpublished typed memo by WWII veteran Arnold B. Parish, b. 1919 near Kosse--apparently near Heads Prairie was purchased at a "junk store" by T. Farmer. It's typed and "bound" with a plastic spiral spine.  There is no indication of copyright or publication.
Arnold Parish married Ann (surname unknown), also from the Thornton area, in Bexar Co. on 27 June 1945.   He served in the CCC about July 1935 through July 1939.  Then he served in the U. S. Army, 38th Regiment of the 2nd Infantry Division.  The memoir primarily details this experience on the European front.  His father (given name unknown) died Sept. 1935.  His mother appears to have been a Hudson (given name unknown), who had a brother Jim Hudson in Thornton and (less certainly) a brother Pete Hudson (location unknown).  He had two sisters, Bobbie and Frances, and three brothers, Eugene, Frank, and Harvey.

If there is any of this family who would be interested in a copy of the memoirs please contact either me or T. Farmer.

(here is half of the booklet, I am working on adding the rest)

The Army

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