Muster Roll



of Robert C. Robison’s Company of Infantry in Reserve, Beat #7, 19th Brigade/Limestone Texas Militia

Transcribed by William Bozic on  June 20, 2006. All names are spelled exactly as written and are in the same order/number as the original. Researchers should consider non-standard & phonetic spellings (ex. Surnames #4 “Furguson” is probably Ferguson) and #30 “Morcan” is probably Morgan)

Captain Robert C. Robison
1st Lt. Miles G. King
2nd Lt. John Lowery
3rd Lt. William Rowark

1. W. W. Ferguson
2. M. Clark
3. T .J. Bates
4. M .B. Furguson
5. T. H. Hodges
6. F. H. Brynt
7. W .?. Briggs
8. T. Barrbrey
9. W. Bambell
10. M. H. Lowrey
11. ? Bryan
12. I. M. Bryson
13. H. Coffel
14. G.B. Duncan
15. I.B. Ellison
16. Henry Foy
17. Wm Farller
18. D. B. Choat
19. L.L. Godfrey
20. E. C. Garland
21. W. C. Grimes/Grimm?
22. M. Adams
23. Thos. Head
24. Jas. Davis
25. Thos. Davis
26. Wm Roberts
27. Clark Johnston
28. Marshall Jones
29. Sanford Lowery
30. N. Morcan
31. J. H. McKissack
32. G. W. Culter
33. George Price
34.Jas. Rowark
35. H. Choat
36. G. W. Simmons
37. Alex Smith
38. Jerry Nichols
39. Wm E. Yates
40. Wm South
41. Erastus Smith
42. B. F. Tribble
43. John Welch
44. John Wilson
45. Ted Wilson
46. Virgil Wilson
47. Jas. R. Griffin
48. M. Judson
49. D. M. Hudson
50. Wm Hudson
51. John Hutcherson
52. Wm Hutcherson
53. Jesse D. Judson
54. Clarrins Gray

I Robt. C. Robison, Captain of Reserve Company in Beat No 7, Limestone County, do here by certify that the above is a true and correct muster roll of said company and said commissioned officers were elected by said company on the 5th day of August A.D. 1861 to which I certify under my hand on this the 5th day of August A.D. 1861
Robt. C. Robison, Captain